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Global SURF (Subsea Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines) Market (2013-2018) - Market Research Solutions India

Global SURF (Subsea Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines) Market: Trends & Opportunities (2013-2018)

Publish Date:August 2013
No. of Pages:74

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Scope of the Report

The report titled “Global SURF Market: Trends & Opportunities (2013-2018)” provides an in-depth analysis of the global SURF market with detailed analysis of the individual markets of subsea umbilicals, risers and flowlines. The report also assesses the key opportunities in the market and also outlines the factors that are and will be driving the growth of the industry. Further, key players of the industry like Subsea 7 S.A., Saipem S.p.A., Technip and Aker Solutions Group are profiled. Growth of the industry in the period 2013-18 has also been forecasted in the report, taking into consideration the previous growth patterns, the growth drivers and the current and future trends.

Company Coverage

Subsea 7 S.A.
Saipem S.p.A.
Aker Solutions Group

Executive Summary

‘Subsea’ prefix is used for under-water facilities for oil and gas production. These under-water facilities together with the engineering, manufacturing and installation of umbilical’s, risers, and flow lines, as well as associated services are often abbreviated as “SURF”. In order to meet increasing demand for energy, exploration and production activities have shifted to more challenging deeper water environment. Development of new reserves at higher depths has driven the scale and complexity of SURF projects globally.

Factors such as rising demand for oil and gas worldwide, increase in oil and gas prices, growth in regions like Middle East and Asia Pacific and improving global economic conditions are driving the growth of global SURF market. However due to high complexity of deepwater developments, challenging new reserves, reduced access to resources, high exploration and production capital expenditure and depletion of oil & gas reserves pull back growth of the industry. The prominent market trends in the industry are increased exploration in higher water depths/deepwater developments, building up of Floating Production or Storage Systems (FPS) and development of rig count worldwide.

Tags :

1. Executive Summary

2. Subsea: Introduction

2.1 Subsea Production System
2.2 Subsea Market

3. SURF (Subsea Umbilicals, Risers, Flowlines)  

3.1 SURF – Metrics and Associated Risks
3.2 SURF Categories
3.3 Global SURF Market: Sizing and Growth (Actual & Forecast) 
3.3.1 Backlog/Revenue of Major SURF Companies
3.4 SURF Market Share Analysis

3.4.1 SURF Activity by Water Depth
3.4.2 Share of SURF Installation Capex by Region

4. Subsea Umbilical Market: An Analysis

4.1 Umbilicals: An Overview
4.2 Umbilical: Product Types and Applications
4.3 Umbilical Market: Sizing and Growth (Actual & Forecast)  

4.3.1 Global Umbilical Deployment (Actual & Forecast)

4.4 Umbilicals: Market Share Analysis
4.4.1 Market Share By Competitors
4.5 Umbilicals:Manufacturing Process

5. Risers Market: An Analysis

5.1 Risers: An Overview
5.2 Types of Risers
5.3 Risers: Market Sizing and Growth (Actual and Forecast)

5.3.1 Global Risers Deployment

6. Flow lines Market: An Analysis

6.1 Flowlines: An Overview
6.2 Components of Flow lines
6.3 Flow lines: Market Sizing and Growth (Actual and Forecast)

6.3.1 Global Flow lines Deployment

7. Oil E&P (Exploration and Production) Value Chain

8. Global SURF Market: Growth Drivers & Challenges

8.1 Growth Drivers
8.2 Challenges

9. Global SURF Market Trends

9.1 Deepwater Developments
9.2 Building Up Floating Production or Storage Systems (FPS)
9.3 Rig Count Development Worldwide

10. Global SURF Market: Competitive Landscape

11. Company Profiles

11.1 Subsea 7 S.A.
11.1.1 Business Overview
11.1.2 Financial Overview
11.1.3 Business Strategies

11.2 Saipem S.p.A
11.2.1 Business Overview
11.2.2 Financial Overview
11.2.3 Business Strategy

11.3 Technip
11.3.1 Business Overview
11.3.2 Financial Overview
11.3.3 Business Strategy

11.4 Aker Solutions Group
11.4.1 Business Overview
11.4.2 Financial Overview
11.4.3 Business Strategies
Figure 1: Oil Field Production System
Figure 2: Evolution of Subsea Trees
Table 1: SURF Major Risks and Metrics
Figure 3: Global SURF Market Size, 2008-12E (US$ Billions)
Figure 4: Global SURF Market Size Forecast, 2013-18 (US$ Billions)
Figure 5: Backlog/Revenue Cover of Major SURF Companies, FY10-FY12
Figure 6: Global SURF Activity Share by Water Depth, 2011 (Meters)
Figure 7: Global SURF Installation Capex by Region (2008-13)
Figure 8: Global Umbilical Market Development, 2008-12E (Km)
Figure 9: Global Umbilicals Market Development Forecast, 2013E-18E (Km)
Figure 10: Global Umbilicals Deployment, 2007-12 (Units/Km)
Figure 11: Global Umbilicals Capex Forecast, 2013E-18E (Units/Km)
Figure 12: Global Umbilicals Market Share by Competitors, 2007 to Mar’2012
Table 2: Manufacturing Process of Subsea Umbilicals
Figure 13: Global Risers Deployment, 2007-12 (Units/Km)
Figure 14: Global Risers Capex Forecast, 2013E-18E (Units/Km)
Figure 15: Global Flow lines Deployment, 2007-12 (Units/Km)
Figure 16: Global Flowlines Capex Forecast, 2013E-2018E (Units/Km)
Figure 17: Oil E&P Value Chain
Table 3: Relevance of Segment in E&P Value Chain
Figure 18: Global Oil Demand, 2004-2013E (Million Barrels Per Day)
Figure 19: Global Crude Oil Price, 2006-2013E (US$ per Barrel)
Figure 20: Global GDP, 2001-11 (US$ Trillion)
Figure 21: Global Deepwater Capital Expenditure by region (2013-17)
Figure 22: Number of Floating Production or Storage Systems (planned or under study), 2012
Figure 23: Global Rig Count Development (Units)
Table 4: Capability Matrix of Major SURF Market Players
Table 5: Detailed capabilities by category of Major SURF Market Players
Table 6: Detailed capabilities by category of Major SURF Market Players
Table 7: Detailed Capabilities by category of Major SURF Market Players
Table 8: Detailed capabilities by category of Major SURF Market Players
Figure 24: Subsea7 S.A.  Revenue from SURF, 2009-12 (US$ Billions)
Figure 25: Saipem S.p.A.  Consolidated Revenue, 2010-12 (US$ Billions)
Figure 26: Technip Consolidated Revenue, 2010-12 (US$ Billions)
Table 9: Aker Solutions Products & Services Range
Figure 27: Aker Solutions Group Revenue, 2011-12 (US$ Billions)