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Daedal is recognized as a leading custom research company delivering focused business research, quality financial, and quantitative analytical solutions to customers across the globe.

We offer customized solutions that are formulated to precisely address the unique demands of its customers and support their strategic business decisions which affect their profitability.

The strength of Daedal Research comes from the integrity of its on-demand research and analysis service for professionals globally. We function as an in-house online research resource available 24/7 to support all the research needs cost-effectively any fixed overhead. The end product delivers personalized and in-depth data, strategic analysis, and recommendations. It is an outstanding tool that will help answer your particular questions and address issues related with:

  • In-depth and fact-based solutions to your business questions
  • Strong knowledge management to leverage corporate knowledge
  • Superior quality delivery of quick research and information on a varied range of industries
  • Market opportunity assessment
  • Distribution channel strategies
  • Pricing strategies
  • Investment and funding decisions
  • New product launch / development
  • Buyer characterization

Custom research expands on the full breadth of Daedal-Research's existing research and can also focus on markets not clearly covered by our s yndicated research topics.

Our highly acclaimed range of financial, industrial, technological, and lifestyle titles ensure that our clients get the information required in making informed strategic business decisions.

  • Maintain a competitive edge in your marketplace
  • Reduce costs and saves valuable time
  • Keep a close eye on your competitors
  • Eliminate critical data gaps
  • Be prepared for an uncertain market
  • Obtain an objective view of the entire market
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