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Global Solar Glass Market (2014-19) - Market Research Solutions India

Global Solar Glass Market: Focus on China (2014-19)

Publish Date:May 2014
No. of Pages:62

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Scope of the report

The Report entitled “Global Solar Glass Market: Trends & Opportunities (2014-2019) “provide an insight into the market dynamics and various trends and challenges associated with the solar glass market. The report gives a detail insight into volume demand of solar glass over the past five years. A separate section on China solar glass market has been provided that discusses production capacity and market players. Major drivers and challenges are also covered in detail in the report. The competitive aspects of the market are also highlighted and key players namely Xinyi Solar, Asahi Glass, NSG Group and Saint Gobain are profiled with their main business strategies.

Geographical Coverage


Company Coverage

Xinyi Solar
Asahi Glass Co.
NSG Group
Saint Gobain

Executive Summary

Solar or photovoltaic glass is generally used to cover the front sheet of solar modules to protect the solar cells. It minimizes light reflection and absorption thereby allowing more sunlight to pass through the protective glass to the solar cells. The demand for solar glass has grown at a remarkable pace over the past few years. Factors driving this demand include recovery in global economies and Government subsidies provided to encourage solar power generation. Although the percentage share of solar glass out of total flat glass produced globally is very minimal, its share is estimated to increase driven by rising solar panel installations.

China has the largest manufacturing base for solar modules in the world. In 2012, the solar glass production capacity in China accounted for 90% of the global solar glass production capacity. As of 30th June 2013, there were 58 solar glass manufacturers in China of which 38 produced ultra-clear photovoltaic raw glass. Xinyi Solar (XYS) is a leading global solar glass manufacturer in China and currently operates 4 ultra-clear PV raw glass production lines with an aggregate daily production capacity of 2,000 tons.

Factors like steady demand growth of photovoltaic modules especially in emerging markets like China, Japan and India, growing environmental concerns and rising feed-in-tariffs will drive the solar glass market in future. Initially the industry was dominated by leading glass manufacturers like Asahi Glass, Saint-Gobain, and PPG but at present many new players have entered the market that solely produces solar glass.

Tags :

1. Executive Summary

2. Global Flat Glass Market

2.1 Overview
2.2 Demand by Volume
2.3 Demand by Variety
2.4 Cost Breakdown
2.5 Raw Materials Breakdown
2.6 Demand by End Markets

3. Global Solar Glass Industry

3.1 Overview
3.2 Categories of Solar Glass
3.3 Value Chain
3.4 Market Size

3.4.1 By Volume
3.4.2 By Area

4. China Solar Glass Industry

4.1 Solar PV Market
4.2 Solar Glass Market

4.2.1 Production capacity
4.2.2 Market Players and their Shares
4.2.3 New Solar Subsidies in China
4.2.4 Challenges

Trade Restrictions from the US and EU
Technological Innovation
Government Subsidy Uncertainties

5. Global Solar Glass Industry: Growth Drivers and Challenges

5.1 Growth Drivers

5.1.1 Steady Demand Growth of Photovoltaic Modules
5.1.2 Growing Environmental Concerns- Kyoto Protocol
5.1.3 Encouragement of Feed-In-Tariffs
5.1.4 Huge Potential in Asian Markets

5.2 Key Issues

5.2.1 Overcapacity
5.2.2 Cyclical Nature of Solar Industry
5.2.3 Rising Raw Materials Cost

6. Market Trends

6.1 Companies Focusing on Downstream Expansion
6.2 Increasing Share of Solar Glass
6.3 Entry of New Market Players

7. Competitive Landscape

8. Company Profiles

8.1 Xinyi Solar Holdings Limited

8.1.1 Business Description
8.1.2 Financial Overview
8.1.3 Business Strategies

8.2 Asahi Glass Co., Ltd

8.2.1 Business Description
8.2.2 Financial Overview
8.2.3 Business Strategies

8.3 NSG Group

8.3.1 Business Description
8.3.2 Financial Overview
8.3.3 Business Strategies

8.4 Saint-Gobain

8.4.1 Business Description
8.4.2 Financial Overview
8.4.3 Business Strategies

9.  About Us
Figure 1: Glass Industry Segments
Figure 2: Float Process for Flat Glass Manufacturing
Figure 3: Global Flat Glass Demand, 2007-2013 (Million Tonnes)
Figure 4: Global Flat Glass Demand by Variety, 2013E
Figure 5: Total Cost Breakdown of Flat Glass, 2013
Figure 6: Raw Materials Breakdown of Flat Glass, 2013
Figure 7: Global Flat Glass Breakup by End Use Markets, 2013E
Figure 8: Global Demand for Solar Glass by Volume, 2009-2013 (Million Tonnes)
Figure 9: Forecast - Global Demand for Solar Glass by Volume, 2014-2019 (Million Tonnes)
Figure 10: Global Demand of Solar Glass by Total Surface Area, 2009-2013 (Million Square Meters)
Figure 11: Forecast - Global Demand of Solar Glass by Total Surface Area, 2014-2019 (Million Square Meters)
Figure 12: China – Annual PV Installations in MW (2006-2013)
Figure 13: Global Solar Panel Manufacturing Hubs, 2012
Figure 14: Production Capacity of Solar Glass in China, 2012 vs 2013 (Tonnes per Day)
Figure 15: Price Trend of Ultra-Clear Photovoltaic raw and processed Glass in China (US$/ Thousand Tonne)
Figure 16: Market Shares of Chinese Ultra-Clear Photovoltaic Raw Glass Manufacturers, June 2013
Figure 17: Gross Margins of Solar Glass manufacturers in China, 2011-H113
Figure 18: Global PV Modules Supply, 2008-2017E (MW)
Figure 19: Emissions of greenhouse gases from different sources (Grams per KWH of CO2 Equivalent)
Figure 20: Global Annual PV Installations, 2006-2013 (MW)
Figure 21: Annual PV Installations in APAC Region, 2006-2013 (MW)
Figure 22: % Share of Solar Glass in Flat glass, 2009-2015F
Figure 23: Xinyi Solar Revenue by Business Segments, 2013
Figure 24: Xinyi Solar Revenue Split by Geography, 2013
Figure 25: Xinyi Solar Net Revenue, 2010-2013 (US$ Million)
Figure 26: AGC – Revenue by Business Segments, 2013
Figure 27: AGC – Revenue from Glass Segment, 2010-2013 (US$ Billion)
Figure 28: NSG Group Revenue by Business Segments, FY13
Figure 29: NSG Group - Architectural Glass Segment Split by Geography, FY13
Figure 30: NSG Group Revenue of Architectural Glass Segment, FY10-FY13 (US$ Billion)
Figure 31: Saint Gobain Revenue by Business Segments, 2013
Figure 32: Saint Gobain – Net Sales of Flat Glass Segment, 2012 vs 2013 (US$ Billion)

Table 1: Production Capacity of Ultra-Clear Photovoltaic Raw Glass Manufacturers in China (Tonnes per Day)
Table 2: Major Solar Glass Manufacturers