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Indian Fitness Equipment Market (2012-2017) - Research and Consulting Firm

Indian Fitness Equipment Market: Trends & Opportunities (2012-2017)

Publish Date:Nov 2012
No. of Pages:60

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Fitness equipments are objects which are designed to give fitness workout so that one can lose weight and burn out calories. Fitness equipments have two sub-segments i.e. cardiovascular equipments (including treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes etc.) and weight training equipments (including dumbbells, barbells).

The Indian fitness equipment market is growing rapidly. Increasing urbanization and growing disposable incomes in the country is bringing about such changes in the market.

Treadmills remained to be the most popular equipment in the fitness equipments market of India in the past few years due to ease of use. Treadmills were followed by stationary bikes in the fitness equipment market. The product gained popularity since it suits every age group and works out as the only equipment for a full body workout. Ellipticals have captured a bigger market share in comparison to stationary bikes, but the price difference between both the equipments is the main reason behind the same.

It is forecasted that the demand of fitness equipments in the tier II and tier III cities of the country will increase in the coming years. The consumer market for fitness equipments in India is classified in organized segment including health club chains, unorganized segment and home segment.

The analysis of drivers explains the reason behind the growth in the fitness equipment industry. Reasons include growing health awareness and concerns, growing demand from companies, increasing number of health clubs, growing youth population in India, boom in the real estate sector, reduction in import duties, increasing urbanization, entry of foreign health clubs. The key challenges recognized include factors such as less space in the residential complex, high cost of raw materials, high dependence upon the distributors, lack of knowledge of technology, shortage of good trainers, inadequate research and development etc.

The report titled “Indian Fitness Equipment Market: Trends & Opportunities (2012-2017)” explores the health and fitness trends in the country and the resulting sales of fitness equipments including treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes and other equipments. Historical trends in the sale of these equipments have been assessed and also the expected growth potential evaluated in this report. Also, the report analyzes the various factors driving the growth, the challenges the industry faces and the major trends that are being witnessed.

Tags :

1. Executive Summary

2. Understanding Fitness Equipment

3. Indian Fitness Equipment Market Analysis

3.1. Market Size
3.2. Segment Analysis

3.2.1 Treadmill
3.2.2. Ellipticals
3.2.3. Stationary Bikes

3.3. Market Share

3.3.1. Segment Analysis
3.3.2. Regional Analysis
3.3.3. Users analysis

3.4. Pricing Analysis

4. India Fitness Market-Pest Analysis

5. India Fitness Market: Drivers & Challenges

5.1. Drivers
5.2. Challenges

6. Fitness Equipment Market Trends

7. Competitors Analysis

7.1. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
7.2. Company profile

7.2.1. Manufacturers
7.2.2. Distributors

8. Recommendations
Figure 1: India Fitness Equipments Market Size, By Value, 2006-2011 
Figure 2: India Fitness Equipments Market Size Forecast, By Value, 2012-2017
Figure 3: Indian Treadmill Market Size, By Value, 2006-2011
Figure 4: Indian Treadmill Market Size Forecast, By Value, 2012-2017 
Figure 5: Indian Elliptical Market Size, By Value, 2006-2011
Figure 7: Indian Stationary Bikes Market Size, By Value, 2006-2011
Figure 8: Indian Stationary Bikes Market Size Forecast, By Value, 2012-2017 
Figure 9: India Fitness Equipment Market Share, By Segment, By Value, 2011
Figure 10: India Fitness Equipment Market Share Forecast, By Segment, By Value, 2017
Figure 11: India Fitness Equipment Market Share, By Region, By Value, 2011 20
Figure 12: India Fitness Equipment Market Share Forecast, By Region, By Value, 2011-17
Figure 13: India Fitness Equipment Market Share, By usage, By Value, 2011
Figure 14: India Fitness Equipment Market Share Forecast, By usage, 2017
Figure 15: Gross Domestic Product of India, 2002-11 
Figure 16: Gross Domestic Product per Capita/Purchasing Power Parity of India, 2002-11 
Figure 17: Population of India, 1951-2011 
Figure 18: Middle Class Population and Households in India, 2010 and 2015
Figure 19: Urban Population Growth Rate in India, 2002-10
Figure 20: Youth Population in India, 2006-2011
Figure 21: India Health Clubs Ownership Status, 2011
Figure 22: India New Health Clubs  in New Cities, 2008-14
Figure 23: Import Duty Levied in India, 1998-2008
Figure 24: Projects Under Development, 2011
Table 1: Peer Group Analysis
Table 2: Pricing Analysis for Home Segment
Table 3: Pricing Analysis for Institutions