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Indian Crockery Market (2013-2018) - Market Research Companies

Indian Crockery Market: Trends and Opportunities (2013-2018)

Publish Date:Nov 2013
No. of Pages:46

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Scope of the Report

The report titled “Indian Crockery Market: Trends and Opportunities (2013-2018)” analyzes the potential opportunities and significant trends in the crockery industry of India. The report provides detailed analysis of the Indian crockery market. Also, key market challenges recognized by the analysts and the major observable trends in the Indian Crockery market are presented in the report. Leading companies operating in this market, namely La Opala RG Ltd., Luminarc and Corelle have been profiled with their respective business strategies. The growth of the market has been projected taking into consideration various aspects like previous growth patterns, the current trends, the growth drivers and challenges.

Geographical Coverage


Company Coverage

La Opala RG Ltd

Executive Summary

Crockery has by far become an integral part of every dining room not only because of its utility but also it can lend grandeur even to a humble little dwelling. The role of dining room has changed from merely being a place to dine in to one of stately proportions. Crockery adds grace and class to the decor of the dining room giving it a royal ambience. In the Indian milieu, one can hardly find a modern household without at least one set of crockery proudly exhibited in a rather strategic spot on the mantle or showcase another set for daily use. Crockery enhances the positive mood and vibes, soothing the mind of the guest and the host alike.

The demand for crockery in India has undergone dramatic change. Crockery is no longer used only as a serve ware but as a lifestyle product. With the changing lifestyle and attitude of people, the design of crockery has undergone sea change. A transition from Stainless Steel to Glass wares has been observed. With cultural diversity and varied lifestyles in India, crockery market is one of the most vibrant market segments. A highly fragmented market, crockery has been one of the fastest growing segments over the past few years paving the way for new market players to enter the industry.

Tags :

1. Executive Summary

2. Crockery: An Overview

2.1 Types of Crockery

3. Indian Crockery Market: An Analysis

3.1 Indian Crockery Market: Sizing and Growth (Actual and Forecasted)
3.2 Indian Crockery Market: Market Share Analysis
3.2.1 Indian Crockery Market: Market Share by Make

4. Market Structure of Indian Crockery Market

5. Supply Chain Analysis of Indian Crockery Market

6. Pricing Strategies of different brands in Indian Crockery Market

7. Indian Crockery Market: Growth Drivers and Challenges

7.1 Indian Crockery Market: Growth Drivers

7.1.1 Replacement of Steel Crockery
7.1.2 Shift towards Nuclear Family
7.1.3 Usage of Crockery as a Gift Item
7.1.4 Rising Urbanization
7.1.5 Aesthetics

7.2 Indian Crockery Market: Challenges

7.2.1 Removal of Anti Dumping Duties
7.2.2 Rupee Appreciation to increase Competitiveness of Global Players
7.2.3 Continuing Weakness in the Macroeconomic Environment

8. Indian Crockery Market: Market Trends

8.1 Casual Trend
8.2 Color
8.3 Design

9. Competitive Landscape: Indian Crockery Market

10. Company Profiles: Indian Crockery Market

10.1 La Opala RG Ltd.
10.1.1 Business Overview
10.1.2 Financial Review
10.1.3 Business Strategies

10.2 Luminarc

10.2.1 Business Overview
10.2.2 Financial Review
10.2.3 Business Strategies

10.3 Corelle

10.3.1 Business Overview
10.3.2 Financial Review
10.3.3 Business Strategies
Figure 1:  Indian Crockery Market Size, 2008-2012 (US$ Million)
Figure 2: Indian Crockery Market Size Forecast, 2013E-2018E (US$ Million)
Figure 3: Indian Crockery Market Share by Make (2012)
Figure 4: Market Structure of Indian Crockery Market (2012)
Figure 5: Market Structure of Indian Tableware Market (2012)
Figure 6:  Supply Chain Analysis of Indian Crockery Market
Table 1: Brands of Dinner Sets and their Prices
Figure 7:  La Opala, Segment Wise Market Share (2012)
Figure 8: La Opala’s Crockery Market Revenue 2011-2013E (US$ Million)