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Global Online Jewelry Market (2013-2018) - Market Research Reports India

Global Online Jewelry Market–Focus on the U.S., China and India: (2013-2018)

Publish Date:Oct 2013
No. of Pages:70

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Scope of the Report

The report titled “Global Online Jewelry Market – Focus on the U.S., China and India: Trends and Opportunities (2013-2018)” provides an in-depth analysis of the major jewelry markets like the U.S., China and India. The report assesses the key opportunities and underlying trends in the market and outlines the factors that are and will be driving the growth of the online jewelry industry in the forecasted period (2013-18). Further, key players of the online jewelry industry like Blue Nile Inc., Tiffany & Co., Signet Jewelers Limited, Zale Corporation, Jewelry Television, Ross-Simons and Bidz.com are profiled.

Geographical Coverage

The U.S.

Company Coverage

Blue Nile Inc.
Tiffany & Co.
Signet Jewelers Limited
Zale Corporation
Jewelry Television

Executive Summary

The jewelry industry is global in nature due to geographic dispersion of its value-chain. Mining of gems and precious metals primarily takes place in Africa, Canada, Australia and Russia; polishing and manufacturing in developing economies like India, China and Turkey; retailing in the developed markets of the U.S., European Union, Japan and emerging nations like India and China. Online retailing or e-tailing of jewelry does away with geographic boundaries with availability of jewelry at just a click away. Online jewelry shopping is catching up fast and is performing better than its brick and mortar counterpart.

The growth of online jewelry is driven by increasing internet penetration rates around the world, growth in high net worth individuals’ population and availability of low online jewelry prices. However, factors such as lack of touch and feel before buying jewelry online, security risk and e-commerce sales tax are posing challenges to the growth of online jewelry market.

Major trends prevailing in the U.S. jewelry market are strong engagement ring sales, shrink in number of jewelry stores in the country, etc. In the Chinese online jewelry market, changing women’s position in the family, gift-giving culture, increasing westernization and high appetite for luxury goods are some of the major market trends. Whereas, the Indian online jewelry industry has seen major VC investments in online jewelry stores in recent years.

Tags :

1. Executive Summary

2. Gems & Jewelry Market

2.1 Overview
2.2 Gems and Jewelry Value Chain Analysis

3. Online Jewelry Market

3.1 Online Stores vs. Traditional Stores
3.2 Operating Models
3.2.1 Online Selling Models: Advantages and disadvantages

4. The United States

4.1 Jewelry Market Overview
4.2 Online Jewelry Market

4.2.1 Online Jewelry Market Size (2007-12E)
4.2.1 Online Jewelry Market Size Forecast (2013E-18E)

4.3 Market Trends

4.3.1 Strong Engagement Sales
4.3.2 Shrink in Number of Jewelry Stores in the US
4.3.3 Online Penetration by Category in the US Market

4.4 Competitive Landscape

5. China

5.1 Jewelry Market Overview
5.2 Online Jewelry Market

5.2.1 Online Jewelry Market Size (2010-12)
5.2.2 Online Jewelry Market Size Forecast (2013E-18E)

5.3 Market Trends

5.3.1 Changing Women’s Position
5.3.2 Gift-giving Culture
5.3.3 High appetite for luxury goods
5.3.4 Westernization
5.3.5 Online Shopping by Category in China

5.4 Competitive Landscape

6. Indian Online Jewelry Market

6.1 Jewelry Market: Overview
6.2 Online Jewelry Market

6.2.1 Online Jewelry Market Size (2011-12)

6.3 Market Trends

6.3.1 Internet Penetration in India
6.3.2 VC Investment in Online Jewelry Stores in India

6.4 Competitive Landscape

7. Porters Five Forces Model for Online Jewelry Industry

8. Global Online Jewelry Market: Growth Drivers & Challenges

8.1 Growth Drivers

8.1.1 Increasing Internet Penetration Rates
8.1.2 Growth in High Net-worth Individual Population
8.1.3 Lower Prices Online

8.2 Challenges

8.2.1 Lack of touch and feel before buying
8.2.2 Security Risk
8.2.3 Ecommerce sales tax

9. Competitive Landscape

10. Company Profiles

10.1 Blue Nile Inc
10.1.1 Business Overview
10.1.2 Financial Overview
10.1.3 Business Strategies

10.2 Tiffany & Co.
10.2.1 Business Overview
10.2.2 Financial Overview
10.2.3 Business Strategies

10.3 Signet Jewelers Limited
10.3.1 Business Overview
10.3.2 Financial Overview
10.3.3 Business Strategy

10.4 Zale Corporation
10.4.1 Business Overview
10.4.2 Financial Overview
10.4.3 Business Strategies

10.5 Jewelry Television
10.5.1 Business Overview
10.5.2 Financial Overview
10.5.3 Business Strategies

10.6 Ross-Simons
10.6.1 Business Overview
10.6.2 Business Strategies

10.7 Bidz.com
10.7.1 Business Overview
10.7.2 Business Strategies
Figure 1: Gems and Jewelry Market Classification
Figure 2: Gems and Jewelry Market Value Chain Analysis
Table 1: Comparison of Jewelry Buying: Online vs. Traditional Retail
Table 2: Operating Model Comparison- Traditional Retail and Online Retail
Table 3: Online Selling Models: Advantages and Disadvantages
Figure 3: Jewelry and Watch Market Size in the US Market, 2007-12E (US$ Billions)
Figure 4: The US Online Jewelry Market Size, 2007-12E (US$ Billions)
Figure 5: The US Online Jewelry Market Size Forecast, 2013E-18E (US$ Billions)
Figure 6: Growth in Engagement Sales in the US Market, 1Q12–4Q13E
Figure 7: Number of Jewelry Stores in the US (2001-11)
Figure 8: Online Penetration by Category in the US Market (2011)
Figure 9: Chinese Online Jewelry Market Size, 2010-12E (US$ Millions)
Figure 10: China’s Internet Population and Penetration Rate in % (Million)
Figure 11: Chinese Online Jewelry Market Size, 2013E-18E (US$ Billions)
Figure 12: Transaction Value of Luxury Products Online in China, 2011Q1-Q4E (US$ Million)
Figure 13: Online Shopping by Product Category in China (2012)
Figure 14: Indian Online Jewelry Market Size, 2011-13E (US$ Millions)
Figure 15: Indian Online Jewelry Market Size, 2014E-18E (US$ Millions)
Figure 16: Internet Penetration and Number of Unique Internet Users in India (Millions)
Figure 17: World Internet Penetration Rates by Geographical Regions, 2013 Q1
Figure 18: Number of Internet Users in Various Geographical Regions, 2012 Q2 (Millions)
Figure 19: Global HNI Population Growth by Region (2012)
Figure 20: Main Reasons for Online Shopping
Figure 21: Online Jewelry Sales of Companies, 2011 (US$ Millions)
Table 4: Online Jewelry Companies’ Websites Comparison (2013)
Table 5: Online Jewelry Companies’ Cost Comparison (2013)
Table 6: Online Jewelry Companies Products Comparison (2013)
Table 7: Online Jewelry Companies Services & Features Comparison (2013)
Figure 22: Blue Nile’s Revenues, 2010-2012 (US$ Millions)
Figure 23: Tiffany’s Revenue Share by Business Segment, 2012
Figure 24: Tiffany & Co. Revenue, 2009-12 (US$ Billions)
Figure 25: Signet’s Revenue Share by Product, FY13
Figure 26: Signet Jewelers Limited Revenue, FY10-FY13 (US$ Billions)
Figure 27: Zale Corporations’ Revenue Share by Business Segments (2012)
Figure 28: Zale Corporation Revenue, FY09-FY12 (US$ Billions)

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