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EBay Inc.: Corporate Analysis - Business Research Reports

EBay Inc.: Corporate Analysis

Publish Date:Oct 2013
No. of Pages:50

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Scope of the Report

The report titled “eBay Inc: Corporate Analysis” provides a comprehensive analysis of eBay, its segments, competitors and the competitive landscape. The report provides an understanding of the industries in which the company is operating. Besides providing an analysis of the competition and the competitors it faces, the report also gives an indepth analysis of the profitability of eBay, its sales and earnings analysis and also the SWOT framework to present its internal strengths and its vulnerabilities.

Segment Coverage


Competitor Coverage

Amazon.com Inc
Google Inc.
Overstock.com Inc.

Executive Summary

eBay Inc. provides online platforms, tools, and services to help individuals and merchants in online and mobile commerce and payments in the United States and internationally. eBay is a global technology company that enables commerce through three reportable segments: Marketplaces, Payments and GSI. The Marketplace segment operates ecommerce platform eBay.com; vertical shopping sites, such as StubHub, Fashion, Motors, and Half.com; and classifieds Websites as well as advertising services. People come to the eBay marketplace to buy and sell items across multiple categories, including antiques and art, books, business & industrial, cars & other vehicles, clothing & accessories, coins, collectibles, crafts, dolls & bears, electronics & computers, home furnishings, jewelry & watches etc.

eBay through its Payments segment and its brands Paypal, Bill Me Later, Zong and BillSafe offers its payments services. Members from all over the world buy and sell on eBay. It connects millions of buyers and sellers globally in the world’s largest online marketplace, utilizing PayPal to ensure secure transactions.

Tags :

1. eBay: Company Background

1.1 Company Overview
1.2 Key Facts

2. eBay: Business Focus

2.1 Major Segment s
2.2 Products and Services

3. eBay: Corporate Overview

3.1 Organizational Structure
3.2 Executive Biographies
3.3 Ownership Structure
3.4 Mergers and Acquisitions
3.5 Significant Development s

4. eBay: SWOT Analysis

4.1. Strengths
4.2 Weakness
4.3 Opportunities
4.4 Threats

5. eBay: Financial Analysis

5.1 Financial Performance
5.2 Sales and Earnings Analysis
5.3 Ratio Analysis
5.4 Stock Performance

6. eBay: Competitor Analysis

6.1 Major Competitors
6.2 Peer Comparison at a Glance
6.3 Financial Comparison
6.4 Stock Chart

7. eBay: Company Outlook

7.1. Revenue and Income Estimates
7.2. Segment Analysis
Figure 1: eBay’s Organizational Structure, 2012 
Figure 2: eBay’s Hierarchy Chart, 2012 
Figure 3: Global Mobile Payments, Number of Transactions, 2009-2013E  (US$ M) 
Figure 4: Addressable End Market for EBay, 2013E 
Figure 5: eBay Inc. Net Sales Analysis, 2008-12 (US$ Billions) 
Figure 6: eBay Inc. Revenue by Business Segment (2012) 
Figure 7: eBay Inc. Net Income Analysis, 2008-12 (US$ Billions) 
Figure 8: eBay Inc. Net Profit Margin Analysis, 2010-14E (%) 
Figure 9: eBay Inc. Return on Asset Analysis, 2010-14E 
Figure 10: eBay Inc. Stock Performance (US$), Sept’2012 – Sept’13 
Figure 11: eBay Inc. and Competitors Net Sales Comparison, 2012 (US$ Billions) 
Figure 12: eBay Inc. and Competitors Net Income Comparison, 2012 (US$ Billions) 
Figure 13: Stock Price Comparison eBay and its Competitors, Sept’12 – Sept’13 
Figure 14: EBay Incorporation Net Revenues Forecast, 2011-14 (US$ Billions) 
Figure 15: eBay Incorporation Net Income Forecast, 2011-14E (US$ Billions) 
Figure 16: EBay Incorporation Payment Revenue Forecast, 2011-14 (US$ Billions) 
Figure17: eBay Incorporation Marketplace Revenues Forecast, 2011-14E (US$ Billions) 
Figure 18: EBay Incorporation GSI Revenues Forecast, 2011-14 (US$ Million) 
Table 1: Company Information: eBay Inc. 
Table 2: Company History- eBay Inc 
Table 3: Products and Services: Yahoo! In
Table 4: eBay Inc.’s Executive Bios 
Table 5: Church & Dwight C. Inc. Ownership Composition, 2011 
Table 6: eBay Inc. Ownership Composition, 2011 (Top 30 Institutional Holders) 
Table 7: Mergers and Acquisitions of eBay 
Table 8: Key Business Developments 
Table 9: eBay Inc. Financial Performance Comparison 
Table 10: eBay Inc. and Competitors Key Performance Indicators