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Indian Pipes Market: Trends and Opportunities (2015 Edition)

Indian Pipes Market: Trends and Opportunities (2015 Edition)

Publish Date:April 2015
No. of Pages:70

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Scope of the report

The report titled “Indian Pipes Industry: Trends and Opportunity (2015 Edition)” analyzes the potential opportunities, challenges, demand drivers and significant trends representing the pipes industry in India. The report elucidates facts on the pipe market as supplemented by the latest available statistics. It also profiles and analyzes the leading five companies operating in this industry with latest data and a brief overview of their business and finance structure along with a brief discussion of their future business strategies. The report gives valuable insight into various types of pipes such as ductile iron, PVC, CPVC, cement pipe, steel pipe etc. and their applications and uses in various sectors. In the report, we also try to study the growth pattern in the demand of PVC pipes and the latest trends concerning pipes. Most importantly, we analyze the current market size and project future market size of the overall pipes business for the years to come.

Product Coverage

Seamless Pipe
Ductile Pipe
Concrete Pipe
SAW Pipe

Company Coverage

Finolex Industries Limited
Astral Polytechnik Limited
Supreme Industries
Jain Irrigation Systems
Man Industries Limited

Executive Summary

The Indian pipes business has been growing rapidly since the past several years mainly due to increasing demand for pipes in the irrigation sector, for crude oil, real estate industry and growth in Gross domestic product (GDP) of the country. Among the several varieties of pipes available in the market, the demand for plastic pipes such as PVC, CPVC in particular, is on a rise due to its low cost, high quality and high durability. Other types of pipes, like steel pipes and ductile iron pipes also have major demand. Nationwide infrastructural development, urbanization, government’s focus on real estate, irrigation to drive agricultural growth have been identified as major factors facilitating the growth of the pipes industry in the country.

The Government of India is launching new schemes in the irrigation and the real estate sector for significant investments. It is evident here that the focus of Indian government is on water supply for housing sector, which will only be fulfilled with effective use of pipelines. Therefore, this end-user is a major demand driver of pipes. Furthermore, strong demand for crude oil transportation is also adding to the demand of pipes across the country.

Tags :

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction

2.1 Types of Pipelines
2.1.1 Types of Pipelines –by Material
2.1.2 Types of Pipelines Used in Transportation
2.2 Types of Transportation Function

3. Technology Used in Indian Pipelines

4. Indian Pipes Market - Size and Growth: An Analysis

4.1 Indian Pipes Market: 2010-2014
4.1.1 PVC: Market Size and Growth
4.1.2 Ductile Iron Pipe: Indian Market Size and Growth
4.1.3 Seamless Pipe: Indian Market Size and Growth
4.1.4 SAW pipe: Indian Market Size and growth
4.1.5 Concrete Pipe: Indian Market Size and Growth

5. Indian Pipelines Market Share: An Analysis

5.1 Indian Plastic Pipe Market Share: By Category
5.2 Indian Plastic Pipe Market Share: by Revenue
5.3 Indian Plastic Pipe Market Share: By Competition
5.4 Indian Pipes Market Share: By Production
5.5 Indian Plastic Piping Market Share by: End User PVC Consumption

6. Indian Pipes Industry Market Dynamics

6.1 Growth Drivers
6.1.1 Rise in Crude Oil Consumption
6.1.2 Irrigation Sector
6.1.3 Real Estate
6.1.4 GDP Growth

6.2 Market Trends
6.2.1 PVC/CPVC pipeline production
6.2.2 PVC Pipes Replacing GI Pipes
6.2.3 Innovation in Pipes Industry

6.3 Challenges
6.3.1 Low Standard of Galvanized Pipe
6.3.2 Weak Physical Features
6.3.3 PVC and CPVC contamination
6.3.4 Spread of LPG Pipelines
6.3.5 Difficult Maintenance

7. Competitive Landscape: Indian Pipes Market

India’s leading companies and their comparative analysis

8. Company Profiles: Indian Pipes Market

8.1 Finolex Industries Limited
8.1.1 Business Overview
8.1.2 Financial Overview
8.1.3 Business Strategy of Finolex Industries Limited

8.2 Astral Poly Technik Limited
8.2.1 Business Overview
8.2.2 Financial Overview
8.2.3 Business Strategy

8.3 Supreme Industries
8.3.1 Business Overview
8.3.2 Financial Overview
8.3.3 Business strategies

8.4 Jain Irrigation System
8.4.1 Business Overview
8.4.2 Financial Overview
8.4.3 Business Strategies

8.5 Man Industries Ltd.
8.5.1 Business Overview
8.5.2 Financial Overview
8.5.3 Business Strategy
Figure 1: Types of Pipelines
Figure2: Demand of Pipes in India (Million Tonnes):2010-2014
Figure3: Indian Pipes Market Demand Forecast (Million Tonnes) 2015-2019
Figure4: Share of PVC Consumption in Various End User Industries in 2014
Figure 5: Demand of PVC Pipes in India-Million Metric Tons: 2010-2014
Figure 6: PVC Demand Forecast in India- Million Tonnes: 2015-2019
Figure 7: Indian Ductile Iron Pipe Demand (Million Tonnes): 2010-2014
Figure 8: Ductile Iron Pipe Demand Forecast- Million Tonnes: 2015-2019
Figure 9: Seamless Pipe Demand in India- Million Tonnes: 2010-2014
Figure 10: Seamless Pipe Demand Forecast-Million Tonnes: 2015-2019
Figure 11: SAW Pipe Demand –Million Tonnes: 2010-2014
Figure 12: SAW Pipe Demand Forecast-Million Tonnes: 2015-2019
Figure 13: Concrete Pipe Demand- million tons: 2010-2014
Figure 14: Concrete Pipe Demand Forecast-Million Tonnes: 2015-2019
Figure 15: Segmentation of Pipe Products in 2014
Figure 16: Indian Plastic Pipe Share in Supreme Industries Limited by types: 2014
Figure 17: Indian CPVC Pipes Share by Revenue: 2014
Figure 18: Revenue Break-Up of Astral Polytechnic Limited: 2014
Figure 19: Indian Pipes Share by Production: 2014
Figure 20: PVC Share by End User Consumption: 2014
Figure 21: Crude Oil Consumption Trend in India: 2009-2013
Figure 22: Investment on Irrigation Sector by Indian Government-US$ billion: 2013-2015
Figure 23: GDP Growth Trend in Percentage: 2013-2015
Figure 25: Revenue Comparison for Different Companies: US$ million in 2014
Figure 26: Player Wise Revenue, CPVC Pipes, US$ Million: 2014
Figure 27: All Players Added Capacity in Million Tones (annually): 2014
Figure 28: Volume Growth Trend in 2014
Figure 29: Dealer and Distribution Details
Figure 30: Finolex Industries Limited Revenue Break-Up: 2013
Figure 31: Finolex industries limited revenue-US$ Millions: 2012-2014
Figure 32: Astral Polytechnic Ltd. - Product Mix: 2014
Figure 33: Astral Polytechnic Ltd Revenue in US$ Billion (2011-2014)
Figure 34: Astral Polytechnic Ltd Net Income in US$ million (2012-2014)
Figure 35: Supreme Industries Limited Revenue Mix: 2013
Figure 36: Supreme Industries Ltd. Revenue – US$ Millions (2010-2013)
Figure 37: Supreme Industries Ltd Net Income US$ Million (2010-2013)
Figure 38: Jain Irrigation Systems Net Revenue -US$ Millions: 2010-2013
Figure 39: Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd Piping Sector Revenue-US$ Millions: 2010-2013
Figure 40: Man Industries Ltd.Net Revenue US$ Millions (2011-2014)
Table 1: Real Estate Supply CY12-CY15