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Global Neurovascular Market (2013-18) - Business Market Research Reports

Global Neurovascular Market: Trends & Opportunities (2013-18)

Publish Date:July 2013
No. of Pages:46

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The term neurovascular implies the assessment of blood flow and sensation to various parts of the body, including brain, spinal cord and blood vessels. Of the various disorders and conditions associated with the neurovascular system include brain, blood vessel aneurysms, stroke syndrome or vascular malfunction of brain and spinal cord.

The global neurovascular industry is characterized by medical innovations and technological advancement, giving shape to a wide range of product offerings while offsetting pricing pressure at the same time. Mergers and acquisitions is a key trend witnessed by the neurovascular industry worldwide in the last few years. The acquisition of prominent players like Ev3 and Micrus has changed the dynamics of the neurovascular space, giving the market a more consolidated form. In addition, various government initiatives to improve healthcare infrastructure have provided the much needed boost to the neurovascular industry. The major companies operating in this market include Stryker, Medtronic, Covidien (Ev3) and Johnson & Johnson (Micrus).

The report titled “Global Neurovascular Market: Trends & Opportunities (2013-18)” provides a detailed insight into the neurovascular market. The report analyzes the primary segments of neurovascular disorders and the causes and symptoms associated with the disorder. It also assesses the various treatments available in the market and encompasses its market as well as its segments. The report also incorporates the market share based on various technologies and companies operating in this sphere. The report primarily focuses on the two chief segments of neurovascular disorder: hemorrhagic stroke and ischemic stroke. The report further discusses the various factors driving the neurovascular market in addition to profiling the major companies operating in the market along with their business strategies and expansion plans.

Tags :

1. Executive Summary

2. Neurovascular Industry: An Overview

3. Global Neurovascular Market: Sizing and Growth

3.1. Market Sizing and Growth: Actual & Forecast
3.2. Neurovascular Market Share Analysis: By Technology & Major players

3.2.1. Neurovascular Market Share By Technology
3.2.2. Neurovascular Market Share By Major Players

4. Segmentation of Neurovascular Market

4.1. Hemorrhagic Stroke Segment Analysis

4.1.1. Market Sizing and Growth: Actual & Forecast
4.1.2. Market Share Analysis

4.2. Ischemic Stroke Segment Analysis

4.2.1 Market Sizing and Growth: Actual & Forecast
4.2.2. Market Share Analysis

5. Neurovascular Market: Growth Drivers

5.1. Rising number of Diabetic Patients worldwide
5.2. Increasing Cases of Hypertension
5.3. Rising in the ageing population Worldwide
5.4. Illicit Consumption of Non-prescription Drugs
5.5. Rising Healthcare Expenditure

6. Company Analysis

6.1. Stryker
6.1.1. Business Description
6.1.2. Business Strategies

6.2. Covidien (EV3)
6.2.1. Business Description
6.2.2. Business Strategies

6.3. Johnson and Johnson (Micrus)
6.3.1. Business Description
6.3.2. Business Strategies

6.4. Medtronic
6.4.1. Business Description
6.4.2. Business Strategies
Figure 1: Global Neurovascular Market Size, By Value, 2007-12 (US$ Million)
Figure 2: Global Neurovascular Market Size Forecast, By Value, 2013-18 (US$ Million)
Figure 3: Global Neurovascular Market Share, By Technology, 2012  (US$ Million)
Figure 4: Global Neurovascular Market Share, By Major Players, 2012
Figure 5: Global Hemorrhagic Stroke Market Size, By Value , 2007-12 (US$ Million)
Figure 6: Global Hemorrhagic Stroke Market Size Forecast, By Value , 2013-18 (US$ Million)
Figure 7: Hemorrhagic Market Share, By Major Players, 2012 (E)
Figure 8: Global Ischemic Stroke Market Size, By Value , 2007-12 (US$ Million)
Figure 9: Global Ischemic Stroke Market Size Forecast, By Value , 2013-18 (US$ Million)
Figure 10: Ischemic Stroke Market Share, By Major Players, 2012 (E)
Figure 11: Global Diabetic Population, 2008-12 (Million)
Figure 12: Hypertension Population in United States, 2010-15F (Million)
Figure 13: Global Ageing Population, 2008-13F (Million)
Figure 14: Global Healthcare Spending, 2008-13F (US$ Trillion)
Figure 15: Covidien Net Sales, 2007-12 (US$ Bn)
Figure 16: Global Sales Overview, By Geography, 2012
Figure 17: Johnson & Johnson Revenue Share, By Business, 2012
Figure 18: Medtronic Sales, By Region, 2012
Table 1: Stryker’s Market Share, 2011