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Global 3D Printing Market: Trends & Opportunities (2012-2017)

Publish Date:April 2013
No. of Pages:66

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Scope of the Report

The report titled “Global 3D Printing Market: Trends and Opportunities (2012-2017)” analyzes the potential opportunities and significant trends in the global additive manufacturing industry. The report also provides detailed analysis of the global market sizing and future growth of 3D printing systems by products and services revenue stream. The report also profiles and analyzes the business strategies of the leading companies operating in the segment, including their expansion plans.

Geographical Coverage

-- Global
-- Asia- Pacific
-- Japan

Company Coverage

-- Stratasys Ltd.
-- 3D Systems Corporation
-- The ExOne Company

Executive Summary

3D printing or Additive Manufacturing is a transformative technology. It has brought a revolution in every industry it has entered- from manufacturing to retail and health care. 3D printing provides freedom to create and manufacture customized products as there is no additional cost for complexity and uniqueness. It has the ability to mass customize and locally print products as per specification at required point of time in a cost effective way. It also significantly reduces undesired environmental impacts of traditional manufacturing.

The major trends observed in the 3D printing market globally are a focus on rapid prototyping, mergers and acquisitions in the industry and increasing innovative use of 3D printing technology in diverse industries. Over the next five years, industry the demand and revenue stream of the industry are forecasted to continue their upward trajectory as 3D printers explode in popularity and more customers, including an expanding at-home hobbyist market, join the 3D printing revolution. Major companies operating in 3D printing segment like Stratasys Ltd., 3D Systems Corporation and The ExOne Company are expanding their reach in various geographies to get a share of the growing markets.

Tags :

1. Executive Summary

2. 3D Printing Industry Overview

2.1 Applications of 3D Printing

3. Rapid Prototyping

3.1 Basic Rapid Prototyping Machine vs. 3D Printer

4. 3D Printing Processes

5. 3D Printing Technologies

5.1 Reactive Material Technologies
5.2 Fused Material Technologies

6. Global 3D Printing Market

6.1 Global 3D Printing Market Size
6.2 Global 3D Printing Market Size by Revenue Stream

6.2.1 Global 3D Printing Systems & Materials Market Size
6.2.1 Global 3D Printing Services Market Size

6.3 Global 3D Printing Systems Market by Types

6.3.1 Commercial/Professional 3D Printers
6.3.2 Personal 3D Printing
6.3.3 Professional vs. Personal 3D Printers

6.4 Global 3D Printing Market Share

6.4.1 By Competitors
6.4.2 By Region

7. Asia Pacific: 3D Printing Market

7.1 Japan: 3D Printing Market

8. 3D Printing Market - Growth Drivers

9. 3D Printing Market - Challenges

10. Market Trends

10.1 International Growth in 3D Printing Industry
10.2 Use of 3D Printing in Medical Industry
10.3 Use of Laser-based Systems
10.4 Mergers and Acquisitions in 3D Printing Industry
10.5 Focus on Rapid Prototyping

11. Competitive Landscape

12. Company Analysis

12.1 Stratasys Ltd.
12.1.1 Business Overview
12.1.2 Financial Overview
12.1.3 Business Strategy

12.2 3D Systems Corporation
12.2.1 Business Overview
12.2.2 Financial Overview
12.2.3 Business Strategy

12.3 The ExOne Company
12.3.1 Business Overview
12.3.2 Financial Overview
12.3.3 Business Strategy
Figure 1: 3D Printing Flowchart
Figure 2: 3D Printing Process
Figure 3: Schematic of the SLA process
Figure 4: Schematic of the FDM process
Figure 5: Schematic of the SLS process
Figure 6: Schematic of the File2Part process
Figure 7: Global 3D Printing Market Size, 2007-12 (US$ Billions)
Figure 8: Global 3D Printing Market Size Forecast, 2013-17 (US$ Billions)
Figure 9: Global 3D Printing Systems & Materials Revenue, 2007-11 (US$ Millions)
Figure 10: Global 3D Printing Systems & Materials Revenue Forecast, 2012-17 (US$ Billions)
Figure 11: Global 3D Printing Services Revenue, 2007-11 (US$ Millions)
Figure 12: Global 3D Printing Services Revenue Forecast, 2012-17 (US$ Billions)
Figure 13: Global Personal 3D Printers Market Size, 2007-11 (Units)
Figure 14: Global 3D Printing Professional and Production Market Share by Companies (2010)
Figure 15: Global 3D Printers Market Share by Region, 2011
Figure 16: Global 3D Printers Market Share by Region, 2010
Figure 17: Asia Pacific 3D Printing Market, 2010-12E (US$ Million)
Figure 18: Asia Pacific 3D Printers Market Share by Region, 2011
Figure 19: Japanese 3D Printing Products Market Size, FY10-FY12E
Figure 20: Japanese 3D Printing Products Market Size Forecast, FY13E-FY17E
Figure 21: Japanese 3D Printing Market Size, FY10-FY12E (Units)
Figure 22: Japanese 3D Printing Market Size Forecast, FY10-FY12E (Units)
Figure 23: 3D Printing Industry Market Size by Region, 2011 (US$ Million)
Figure 24: Market Share of Laser Based 3D Printing Companies (2011)
Figure 25: Stratasys Ltd. Sales by Products and Services (2012)
Figure 26: Stratasys Ltd. Net Sales, 2010-12 (US$ Millions)
Figure 27: 3D Systems Revenue by Class of Products & Services, 2010-12 (US$ Millions)
Figure 28: The ExOne Company Revenue, 2010-12 (US$ Millions)
Table 1: Competitive Landscape 3D Systems, Stratsys and ExOne
Table 2: 3D Printing Competitors Analysis
Table 3: Additive Manufacturing Process Types and Attributes Used by Companies