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Global Sapphire Market (2014-2019) - Business Market Research Reports

Global Sapphire Market: Trends & opportunities (2014-2019)

Publish Date:August 2014
No. of Pages:68

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Scope of the Report

The report titled “Global Sapphire Market: Trends and Opportunities (2014-2019)” provides an in-depth analysis of the global sapphire market and its end-use in different sectors including its application in LED, Apple phones, Apple buttons and SOS (Silicon on Sapphire). It also assesses the key opportunities and underlying trends in the market and outlines the factors that are and will be driving the growth of the industry in the forecasted period (2014-19). Further, key players of the industry like GT Advanced Technology, Rubicon Technology and Kyocera International have also been profiled.

Application Coverage

Application of Sapphire in LED
Application of Sapphire in SOS
Application of Sapphire in Apple Camera
Application of Sapphire in Apple Home Button

Country Coverage


Company Coverage

GT Advanced Technology
Rubicon Technologies
Kyocera International

Executive Summary

Sapphire is a gemstone variety of the mineral corundum, an aluminium oxide. Trace amounts of other elements such as iron, titanium, chromium, copper, or magnesium can give corundum blue, yellow, purple, orange, or a greenish color.

Generally, sapphires are worn in jewelry. And because of the remarkable hardness of sapphires—9 on the Mohs scale and of aluminium oxide in general, sapphires are used in some non-ornamental applications, including infrared optical components, such as in scientific instruments; high-durability windows; wristwatch crystals and movement bearings; and very thin electronic wafers, which are used as the insulating substrates of very special-purpose solid-state electronics (especially integrated circuits and GaN-based LEDs). Sapphires may be found naturally, by searching through certain sediments or rock formations. They also may be manufactured for industrial or decorative purposes in large crystal boules.

The key factors that will drive the growth of global Sapphire industry is its exceptional properties and usage in different application sectors and recovery phase. The recent years have seen the entry of many smaller companies in different application sectors and producing innovative products using sapphire. However, high cost, out of the public eyes and several other issues pose major challenge to the growth of this market. Major trends prevailing in the global sapphire market are, sapphire display watches, trends in lighting market, sapphire displays to feature in upcoming iPhone models and emerging market for sapphire.

Tags :

1. Executive Summary

2. Sapphire: An Introduction

3. Global Sapphire Market Analysis

3.1 Global Sapphire Market Size by Volume
3.2 Global Sapphire Market Size by Value
3.3 Global Sapphire Market Pricing Trends

4. Global Sapphire Market Analysis: By Application

4.1 Applications of Sapphire in LED

4.1.1 Value Chain of Sapphire LED manufacturing

4.2 Applications of Sapphire in SOS (Silicon on Sapphire)
4.3 Applications of Sapphire in Apple camera
4.4 Applications of Sapphire in Apple button

5. Global Sapphire Market – Country Analysis

5.1 The United States Sapphire Market: Sizing and Growth
5.2 Taiwan Sapphire Market
5.3 Korea Sapphire Market
5.4 Japan Sapphire Market
5.5 Europe Sapphire Market
5.6 China Sapphire Market

6. Global Sapphire Market: Growth Drivers & Challenges

6.1 Growth Drivers

6.1.1 Exceptional Properties
6.1.2 Uses of Sapphire in different sectors
6.1.3 Recovery Phase

6.2 Market Challenges

7. Global Sapphire Market Trends

7.1 Sapphire displays will feature in upcoming iPhone models
7.2 Sapphire Display Watches
7.3 Trends in Sapphire lighting market
7.4 Emerging markets for Sapphire

8. Competitive Landscape

9. Company Profiles

9.1 GT Advanced technology

9.1.1 Business profile
9.1.2 Financial Overview
9.1.3 Business Strategy

9.2 Rubicon Technology

9.2.1 Business Overview
9.2.2 Financial overview
9.2.3 Business strategy

9.3 Kyocera International

9.3.1 Business overview
9.3.2 Financial overview
9.3.3 Business Strategy

Figure 1: Properties of Sapphire 8
Figure 2: Global Sapphire Demand and Supply, 2009-13 (in TIE millions)
Figure 3: Global Sapphire demand and supply, 2014E-19E (in TIE millions)
Figure 4: Global Demand for Sapphire Substrates- By Size, 2013- 2019E (million pieces)
Figure 5: Global Sapphire Market- By value, 2010-13 (in US $million)
Figure 6: Global Sapphire Market- By Value, 2014E-19E (in US $ million)
Figure 7: Global Sapphire Price- By Size, 2009-13 (in US$)
Figure 8:  Global Sapphire Price- By Size, 2014E-19E (in US$)
Figure 9: Global Demand for Sapphire in LED: 2009-13 (in TIE millions)
Figure 10: Global Demand for Sapphire in LED: 2014E-19E (in TIE millions)
Figure 11: Global Demand for Sapphire SOS 2011-19E (in TIE million)
Figure 12: Global Demand for Sapphire in Apple Camera: 2011-19E (in TIE million)
Figure 13: Global Demand for Sapphire in Apple button 2013-19E (in TIE million)
Figure 14: Demand for Sapphire in the USA, 2013-19E (in million pieces)
Figure 15: Demand for Sapphire in Taiwan, 2013-19E (in million pieces)
Figure 16: Demand for Sapphire in Korea 2013-19E (in million pieces)
Figure 17: Demand for Sapphire in Japan 2013-19E (in million pieces)
Figure 18: Demand for Sapphire in the Europe 2013-19E (in million pieces)
Figure 19: Demand for Sapphire in China 2013-19E (in million pieces)
Figure 20:  Market share of Leading Companies in Sapphire Market, FY 2013,
(in %)
Figure 21: GTAT Revenue- Sapphire business, FY 2011-13 (US$ millions)
Figure 22: GTAT Operating Profit- Sapphire business, FY 2011-13 (US$ millions)
Figure 23: GTAT Revenue- segment wise, FY 2011-13 (US$ millions)
Figure 24: Rubicon Technologies Revenue- FY 2011-13 (US$ millions)
Figure 25: Rubicon Technologies Operating profit- FY 2011-13 (US$ millions)
Figure 26: Kyocera International, Revenue- FY 2011-13 (US$ billions)
Figure 27:  Kyocera International, Operating profit- FY 2011-13 (US$ billions)
Figure 28:  Kyocera International, Revenue- Segment wise- 2013 (in billions)

Table 1: Leading Players of Global Sapphire Market
Table 2: Sapphire Industry: Key Players and their product areas
Table 3: Sapphire Industry: Sales of Leading Companies
Table 4: Products & services offered by GT Advanced Technology
Table 5: Products offered by Rubicon
Table 6: Products offered by Kyocera International