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Global Life Re-Insurance Market (2014-2019) - Market Research Solution in India

Global Life Re-Insurance Market: Trends and Opportunities (2014-2019)

Publish Date:October 2014
No. of Pages:86

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Scope of the report

The report titled “Global Life Re-insurance Market: Trends and Opportunities (2014-2019)’’ provides an in-depth analysis of the Global Life Re-insurance market. It is a comprehensive guide to the market size and growth prospects. The report assesses the trends of life re-insurance segment globally. The report covers specific insights on the market size, penetration, drivers, developments and future outlook of the life re-insurance market globally and in the key regions where the market is established and growing. Also, the key opportunities, the factors driving growth of the market and challenges being faced by the players in the industry are outlined and analyzed in the forecast period (2014-19). The report also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates market share and further, key players of the industry like Swiss Re, SCOR and Hannover Re and Munich Re are profiled.

Regional Coverage

North America
Emerging Markets

Company Coverage

Swiss Re
Munich Re
Hannover Re

Executive Summary

Life reinsurance is a highly competitive sector and it is critically important to the viability of the life insurance industry. It is an essential tool that allows life insurance companies to spread their risk and provide dynamic valuable products and services to the consumers.

The life reinsurance industry is growing steadily and it holds immense business potential with the rapid pace of innovation and wider acceptance. The business of life reinsurance spans the globe and taps the world’s largest and most sophisticated financial institutions. The growth of the global life reinsurance market is driven by a number of factors that include product diversification, growth in developing countries and technological advancements. Acknowledging these factors, it could be said that the life reinsurance business will certainly gain importance in the years to come.

While in some countries like the US, UK and Canada, the demand for life reinsurance will continue to grow, the demand for the same in developing countries is likely to witness slow growth phase. As the recessionary period is giving way to sustained economic recovery, new life contracts are being signed and consolidation patterns are reshaping the supply side of the market globally. Growing customers, investment banks and private equity funds are restructuring the global life reinsurance market thereby creating new allies and partners.

Tags :

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction: Life-Reinsurance

2.1 Understanding Re-Insurance

2.1.1 Methods of Re-insurance
2.1.2 Functions of Re-insurance
2.1.3 Types of Re-insurance

2.2 Life Re-insurance

2.2.1 Benefits of Life Re-insurance
2.2.2 Classification of Life Re-insurance
2.2.3 Products of Life Re-insurance
2.2.4 Pricing of Life Reinsurance

3. Global Life Re-insurance Market: An Analysis

3.1 Global Life Re-insurance Market Overview

3.1.1 General Economic Situation
3.1.2 Global Life Re-insurance Market

3.2 Global Life Re-insurance Market: Sizing and Growth

4. Global Life Re-insurance Market: Regional Analysis
5. Life Re-insurance Market Dynamics: Drivers and Challenges

5.1 Growth Drivers

5.1.1 Product Diversification
5.1.2 Technological Developments

5.2 Challenges

5.2.1 Economic Downturn
5.2.2 Mortality and Financial Contraction in US
5.2.3 Australian Disability
5.2.4 Increase in Disability Claims and Longevity
5.2.5 Rise in Number of Natural Catastrophes

6. Global Life Re-insurance Market: Trends

6.1 Dominance of Capital and Solvency Considerations
6.2 Mergers and Acquisitions
6.3 Life Reinsurers Entering Broader and Modern Platforms

7. Competitive Landscape: Global Life Re-insurance Market

8. Company Profiles: Global Life Re-insurance Market

8.1 Swiss Re

8.1.1 Business Overview
8.1.2 Financial Overview
8.1.3 Business Strategies

8.2 SCOR

8.2.1 Business Overview
8.2.2 Financial Overview
8.2.3 Business Strategies

8.3 Hannover Re

8.3.1 Business Overview
8.3.2 Financial Overview
8.3.3 Business Strategies

8.4 Munich Re

8.4.1 Business overview
8.4.2 Financial Overview
8.4.3 Business Strategies

Figure 1: Classification of Life Re-insurance Products
Figure 2: Simple Longevity Swap
Figure 3: Global Life Reinsurance Premiums, 2008-13 (US$ Billions)
Figure 4: Global Life Reinsurance Premiums, 2014-19E (US$ Billions)
Figure 5: Approximate Geographic Split of Life Re Premiums (2013)
Figure 6: Top Global Life Re Players’ Share in Global Premiums (2013)
Figure 7: Group Net Reserves from Life Re-insurance (2013)
Figure 8: SCOR- Split of Life & Health Re Premiums by Geography, 2013
Figure 9: SCOR- Split of Life & Health Re Premiums by Product, 2013
Figure 10: Hannover Re- Split of Life & Health Re Premiums by Geography, 2013
Figure 11: Hannover Re- Split of Life & Health Re Premiums by Product, 2013
Figure 12: Swiss Re- Split of Life & Health Re Premiums by Geography, 2013
Figure 13: Swiss Re- Split of Life & Health Re Premiums by Product, 2013
Figure 14: Munich Re- Split of Life & Health Re Premiums by Geography, 2013
Figure 15: Munich Re- Split of Life & Health Re Premiums by Product, 2013
Figure 16: Net Income of Swiss Re from Life & Health Insurance, 2011-13
(US$ Billions)
Figure 17: Swiss Re’s Net Premiums Earned and Fee Income from Life and health Reinsurance segment, 2011-13 (US$ Billions)
Figure 18: Gross Operating Revenue of Swiss Re, 2011-13 (US$ Billions)
Figure 19: Share of Segments in Net premiums earned by Swiss Re, 2013
Figure 20: Net Income of SCOR, 2011-13 (US$ Billions)
Figure 21: Share of Reinsurance Segments by Premium income of SCOR, 2013
Figure 22: Operating Revenue of SCOR, 2012-13 (US$ Billions)
Figure 23: Gross Premiums by Life Re-insurance Segment of SCOR, 2011-13
(US$ Billions)
Figure 24: Share of Reinsurance Segments by Gross Premium Earned by Hannover- Re (2013)
Figure 25: Operating Income of Hannover Re in Life Reinsurance Segment, 2011-13 (US$ Billions)
Figure 26: Gross Premiums of Reinsurance Segment of Munich Re, 2011-13 (US$ Billions)
Figure 27: Net Operating Revenue of Munich Re, 2011-13 (US$ Billions)

Table 1: The Six Largest Natural Catastrophes (by overall losses) in 2013
Table 2: Mergers and Acquisitions in the History of Life Re-insurance Market
Table 3: Product Portfolio of the Leading Players in the Life Re-insurance Market
Table 4: Company portfolio by Capital Market Longevity Risk Transfers