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Indian Plywood and Laminates and Market : Trends & Opportunities (2015-2019)

Indian Plywood and Laminates and Market : Trends & Opportunities (2015-2019)

Publish Date:April 2015
No. of Pages:68

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Scope of the report

The report titled “Indian Plywood and Laminates market: Trends and Opportunities (2015-2019)” provides an insight into the Plywood and Laminates market in India with focus on applications of plywood and laminates. The report assesses the market sizing and growth of the Indian Plywood and Laminates Industry over the years with detailed analysis. This report analyzes this market and its market segments and major end user markets. The report also discusses key factors driving growth of the industry, major trends and challenges faced by manufacturers of plywood and laminates. Further, major producers like Century Plywood, Greenply Plywood, National Plywood and Kitply Plywood are also analysed in the report.

Product Coverage


End Market Coverage

Furniture Market
Modular Kitchen Market
Wooden Flooring Market

Company Coverage

Century Plyboards Ltd.
Greenply Industries Ltd
National Plywood industries Ltd.
Kitply Industries Ltd.

Executive Summary

The Indian plywood and laminates industry manufactures various engineered woods like plywood, laminates, MDF and veneers. Plywood is the most demanded product of this industry followed by laminates. MDF on the other hand is a small segment of the Indian industry.

The market could be segmented on the basis of distribution channels where the unorganized market accounts for the major share. However with changing consumer preferences the market has seen a shift towards the organized segment due to increased demand for good quality and branded products. The share of organized players in the industry is expected is rise further in the years to come. This shift is taking place primarily due to urbanization and more disposable income.

The market for plywood and laminates is mainly driven by increasing demand from housing market. The demand has increased due to growing significance of new construction industry. Plywood and laminates have become an indispensable part of big and evolving markets like real-estate market, furniture market, modular kitchen market as well as the flooring market. The increased demand in these markets triggers the demand in the plywood and laminates market. Apart from this, increasing urban population, rising per capita income and a gradual shift towards non-food industry are other key factors driving the growth of plywood and laminates industry in India. Further, the implementation of Goods and services Tax (GST) in the near future will provide an impetus to plywood and laminate industry.

Tags :

1. Executive Summary

2. Overview of Indian Plywood and Laminate Industry

2.1 Plywood
2.2.1 Types of plywood
2.2.2 Plywood manufacturing process

2.2 Medium density fiberboard (MDF)

3. Market Sizing: Indian Plywood and Laminates Industry

3.1. Indian Plywood and Laminates Industry: By value
3.2 Indian Plywood and Laminate Industry: By volume

3.3 Market Segmentation
3.3.1 Market segmentation by Sales Channels
3.3.2 Market segmentation by products

3.4 Indian Plywood and Laminate Market-Segment analysis
3.4.1 Indian Plywood and Laminate Market-Plywood segment
3.4.2 Indian Plywood and Laminate Industry-Laminates segment
3.4.3 Indian Plywood and Laminate market-MDF segment

4. Plywood and Laminates Market by Application

4.1 Furniture market in India
4.2 Modular Kitchen market in India
4.3 Wood flooring market in India

5. Market dynamics: Indian Plywood and Laminates Industry

5.1. Growth drivers for the Plywood and laminates Industry
5.1.1 Increase in the urban population
5.1.2 Escalation in income
5.1.3 Growth in real estate industry
5.1.4 Increase in Non-Food Expenditure
5.1.5 Rising proportion of working age population

5.2 Trends
5.2.1. Shift towards the organized sector
5.2.2 Implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST)
5.2.3 Rising Nuclear families

5.3 Challenges

5.3.1. Volatility in raw material prices
5.3.2. INR depreciation and Forex losses.
5.3.3. Land costs
5.3.4. MDF- a less explored segment
5.3.5. Tough raw material outsourcing
5.3.6. Plywood prices likely to increase

6. Competitive Landscape- Indian Plywood and Laminates market.

7. Company profiles

7.1 Century Plyboards Ltd.
7.1.1 Business Overview
7.1.2 Financial Overview
7.1.3 Business Strategies

7.2 Greenply Industries Ltd. (GIL)
7.2.1 Business Overview
7.2.2 Financial Overview
7.2.3 Business strategies

7.3 National Plywood Industries Ltd.

7.3.1 Business Overview
7.3.2 Financial Overview
7.3.3 Business Strategies

7.4 Kitply Industries Ltd.
7.4.1 Business Overview
7.4.2 Financial Overview
7.4.3 Business strategies
Figure 1: Indian Plywood and laminate Industry’s total revenue (In US$ Billions), 2009-2013
Figure 2: Forecasted Revenue for Indian Plywood and Laminates Industry, (In US$ Billions), 2014-2019
Figure 3: Plywood and laminates industry’s Sales volume, (In Million sheets) 2009-2014
Figure 4: Forecasted sales volume of Indian plywood and laminates industry, (In Million sheets), 2015-2019
Figure 5: Segmentation of the Indian Plywoodand Laminates Industry, (In %), 2014
Figure 6: Segmentation of Indian Plywood and Laminates Market, (In %), 2014
Figure 7: Total revenue of the Indian plywood segment, (In US$ Billions), 2009-2014
Figure 8: Forecasted Revenue of the Plywood segment, (In US$ Billions), 2015-2019
Figure 9: Total revenue of the laminates segment, (In US$ Billions), 2010-2014
Figure 10: Forecasted Revenue of the Laminate segment, (In US$ Billions), 2015-2019
Figure 11: Total turnover of High pressure laminates Industry, (In US$ Millions) 2009-2014
Figure 12: Number of laminate producing facilities in Indian states, 2014
Figure 13: Total revenue of the MDF segment, (In US$ Millions), 2010-2014
Figure 14: Total forecasted revenue of the MDF segment, (In US$ Millions), 2015-2019
Figure 15: Total revenue Of Indian Furniture market, (In US$ Billions), 2009-2014
Figure 16: Indian Furniture Market segmentation, 2014
Figure 17: Total revenue of Indian modular kitchen industry, (In US$ Millions), 2009-2014
Figure 18: Segmentation of the Indian Modular kitchen Industry, (In %), 2014
Table 1: Major players in the wood flooring market, 2014
Figure 19: Urban population of India, (In Millions), 2011-2014
Figure 20: Trends in India’s GNI per capita, (In US$), 2010-2013
Figure 21: Total revenue of the real estate industry, (In US$ Billions), 2009-2014
Table 2: Segmentation of the real estate Industry, 2014
Figure 22: Reasons for buying a property, (In %), 2014
Figure 23: Share of Nonfood Expense in Total Expense, (In %), 2010-2013
Figure 24: Segmentation of Indian population, (In %), 2013
Figure 25: Total Revenue of Organized Plywood and Laminate Industry,(In US$ Millions), 2010-2014
Figure 26: Share of various companies in Laminates Industry, 2014
Table 3: Major players and their revenues in the Indian Plywoodand Laminates Industry
Figure 27: Century Plyboards Total Revenue, (In US$ Millions), 2011-2014
Figure 28: Breakup of Gross total Revenue, (In %), 2014
Figure 29: Century Plyboards Net Income, (In US$ Millions), 2011-2014
Figure 30: Greenply plywood’s Total revenue, (In US$ Millions), 2014
Figure 31: Breakup of the total revenue of Greenply Indusries (in %), 2014
Figure 32: National Plywoods’s Net sales, (In US$ Millions), 2014
Figure 33: Total revenue of Kitply Industries, (in US$ Millions) , 2011-2014