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Global Barcode Printer Market (2014-2019) - Business Market Research Reports

Global Barcode Printer Market: Trends and Opportunities (2014-2019)

Publish Date:February 2015
No. of Pages:60

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Scope of the report

The report titled “Global Barcode Printer Market: Trends and Opportunities (2014-2019)” provides an in-depth analysis of major barcode printer market segments like Desktop, Mobile (Portable), Industrial and RFID. It also accesses the key opportunities and underlying trends in the market and outlines the factors that are and will be driving the growth of the industry in the forecasted period (2014-19). Further, key players of the industry like Zebra Technologies Corporation, SATO Corporation, Digimac Corporation and Honeywell (Intermec) have been profiled.

Segment Coverage

Mobile (Portable) Barcode Printers
Industrial Barcode Printers
RFID Barcode Printers
Desktop Barcode Printers

Company Coverage

Zebra Technologies Corporation
SATO Corporation
Digimac Corporation
Honeywell (Intermec)

Region/Country Coverage


Executive Summary

The global barcode printer market is growing steadily and it holds immense business potential with the rapid pace of innovation and wider acceptance. A barcode printer is a printer designed to produce barcode labels which can be attached to other objects. Barcode printers use either direct thermal or thermal transfer techniques to apply ink to labels. Barcodes can be one dimensional or two dimensional, and they can be read by special optical scanners or barcode readers, desktop printers, and smart phones.

The growth of the global barcode printer market is driven by a number of factors that include rise in standard of living, rising e-commerce and logistics market, economic growth and increasing health care industry. Although barcodes are widely used in the developed countries, the emerging markets holds the key for barcode vendors because of low penetration of the technology and also its cost-effectiveness. Acknowledging these factors, it could be said that the barcode printer market business will certainly gain importance in the years to come.

Difficulty in scanning, issues in cleaning and several other issues pose major challenge to the growth of this business. Major trends prevailing in the Barcode Printer market are advancement in technology, introduction of new printers like CL4NX, new entrants, increased share of industrial products and introduction of watermarked barcodes technique.

Tags :

1. Executive Summary    

2. Introduction

2.1 Barcode Printers
2.2 Types of Barcode Printer
2.3 Types of Barcode    

3. Global Barcode Printer Market Analysis   

3.1 Global Barcode Printer Market: Sizing and Growth (Actual & Forecast)    

4. Global Barcode Printer Market: Segment Analysis
4.1 Global Desktop Barcode Printer Market Analysis    
4.2 Global Industrial Barcode Printer Market Analysis    
4.3 Global Portable (Mobile) Barcode Printer Market Analysis    
4.4 Global RFID Barcode Printer Market Analysis    

5. Global Barcode Printer Market: By Technology    

6. Japanese Barcode Printer Market Analysis  
6.1. Japanese Barcode Printer Market: By Segments
6.1.1 Japanese Standing barcode Printer Market    
6.1.2 Japanese Mobile Printer Barcode Market    
6.1.3 Japanese Auto labeler Barcode Printer Market    
6.1.4 Japan Measuring Instrument barcode printer Market    

7. Global Barcode Printer Market Dynamics
7.1 Growth Drivers 
7.1.1 Rising E commerce and Logistics Market    
7.1.2 Economic Growth 
7.2 Challenges    

8. Global Barcode Printer Market Trends   

8.1 New Entrants    
8.2 Increased Share of Industrial Products    
8.3 Introduction of “CL4NX”    
8.4 Introduction of Watermark Barcode    

9. Competitive Landscape:Global Barcode Printer Market    

10. Company Profiles:Global Barcode Printer Market  
10.1 Zebra Technologies Corporation   

10.1.1 Business Overview    
10.1.2 Financial Overview    
10.1.3 Business Strategies
10.2 SATO   

10.2.1 Business Overview    
10.2.2 Financial Overview    
10.2.3 Business Strategies   

10.3 Honeywell (Intermec)   

10.3.1 Business Overview    
10.3.2 Financial Overview    
10.3.3 Business Strategies
10.4 Digimarc Corporation (DMRC)
10.4.1 Business Overview    
10.4.2 Financial Overview    
10.4.3 Business Strategies   
Figure 1: Numeric only Barcode    
Figure 2: Alpha Numeric Barcode    
Figure 3: QR Code    
Figure 4: Data Matrix    
Figure 5: PDF417    
Figure 6: MaxiCode    
Figure 7: Industry Standard Barcode    
Figure 8: Global Barcode Printer Market, 2008-13 (in US$ billion)    
Figure 9: Global Barcode Printer Market, 2014E-19E (in US$ billion)    
Figure 10: Global Desktop Barcode Printer Market, 2013-19E (in US$ million)    
Figure 11: Global Industrial Barcode Printer Market, 2013-19E (in US$ million)
Figure 12: Global Portable Barcode Printer Market, 2013- 19 (in US$ million)    
Figure 13: Global RFID Barcode Printer Market, 2013-19 (in US$ million)    
Figure 14: Global Barcode Printer Market: By Technology, FY 2013    
Figure 15: Japanese Barcode Printer Market, FY 2008-13 (in US$ million)    
Figure 16: Japanese Barcode Printer Market, FY 2014E-19E (in US$ million)    
Figure 17: Japanese Standing Barcode Printer Market, 2008-13e (in US$ million)    
Figure 18: Japanese Mobile Barcode Printer Market, 2008-13e    (in US$ million)    
Figure 19: Japanese Auto labeler Barcode Printer Market, 2008-13e (in US$ million)    
Figure 20: Japanese Measuring Instrument Barcode Printer Market, 2008-13e    (in US$ million)    
Figure 21:  Global Barcode Printer Market – End-Use Break-Up, 2013    
Figure 22: World GDP, 2005-2013 (in US$ trillion)    
Table 2: Barcode Printers - Revenue breakdown in terms of product (2013)    
Figure 23: Global Organized Retail Sales by Format, 2012    
Table 3: Leading Players of Global Barcode Printer Market    
Table 4: Barcode Printer Industry: Key Players and their product areas    
Figure 24: Market Share of leading players of Global Barcode Printer, 2013    
Table 5: Barcode Printer Industry: Sales of Leading Companies    
Figure 25: Zebra’s Net Revenue, FY 2011-13 (in US$ million)    
Figure 26: Number of printers sold, FY 2012-13 (in million units)    
Figure 27: Zebra’s Net Revenue- by segment, 2013    
Figure 28: SATO Revenue, FY 2011-13 (in US$ billion)    
Figure 29: Operating Profit, FY 2011-13 (in US$ million)    
Figure 30: Honeywell’s Revenue- Automation and Control (Consolidated), FY 2011-13 (in US$ billion)    
Figure 31: Digimarc’s Expected Revenue- Barcode, FY- 2015F-17F (US$ million)