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Indian Classroom Coaching Industry (2015-2019) - Business Research Companies

Indian Classroom Coaching Industry: Trends and Opportunities (2015-2019)

Publish Date:May 2015
No. of Pages:65

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Scope of the report

The report titled “Indian Classroom Coaching Industry: Trends and Opportunities (2015-2019)” provides an insight into the Classroom Coaching market in India with focus on preparation for various entrance exams. The report assesses the market sizing and growth of the Indian Classroom Coaching Industry over the years with detailed analysis. This research report analyzes this market and the various market segments and technology advancement in Education sector. The report also discusses key factors driving growth of the industry and major trends and challenges faced by major players. Major players operating in the classroom coaching industry like FITJEE, T.I.M.E, Career Launcher, MT Educare, Resonance and Aakash Institute are compared and analyzed in the report.


Private tuition Industry
Entrance exam preparation Industry

Company Coverage

MT Educare
Career Launcher
Aakash Institute

Executive Summary

Education plays a pivotal role in the overall development of an individual in a developing country like India. Indian Education system is growing and developing continuously with Indian Coaching Industry being its significant part. Classroom coaching is the major segment of the Coaching Industry and is responsible for generating the most significant chunk of revenue of this industry. The Indian Classroom Coaching Industry is further segmented into Private Tutorial Industry and Entrance exam preparation.

Private Tuition Industry involves students from grade 5 to grade 12, who supplement their formal education along with coaching classes for various subjects. Entrance test Preparation Industry on the other hand involves coaching for various entrance examinations like IITJEE, AIEEE, AIPMT and CA exam levels. This preparation is very process driven and involves engaging students with proper study materials. This industry witnesses fierce competitions with various established market players operating and competing with differentiated strategies. This industry is expected to grow further due to increasing competition for various competitive exams.

The Indian Classroom Coaching Industry is expected to grow exponentially in the future due to increase in income of people, the percentage of their spending on education and increased awareness. Moreover, the growing demand for engineering and medical as a career has increased the number of students opting for entrance test preparation classes. Increased proportion of working parents is another factor which has motivated the students to take up supplementary coaching classes as parents can’t help and assist the school going students along with their own professional work.

Tags :

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction: Indian Classroom Coaching Industry

2.1 Indian Education System
2.1.1 An Overview
2.1.2 Segmentation

3. Indian Education System: Market Structure in India

4. Market Sizing: Indian Coaching Industry

4.1 Indian Coaching Industry: An Introduction
4.2 Indian Classroom Coaching Industry: Segmentation

5. Indian Classroom Coaching Industry: Market Sizing and Growth

5.1 Entrance Test Preparation Classes Industry
5.2 Private Tuitions Industry

6. Use of Technology in the Indian Classroom Coaching Industry

7. Market Dynamics: Indian Classroom Coaching Industry

7.1 Growth Drivers
7.1.1 Escalation in Income
7.1.2 Increase in the Urban Population
7.1.3 Increasing Demand for Skilled Work Force
7.1.4 Increase in number of Students Going in for Technical Education
7.1.5 The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act
7.1.6 Increase in number of Working Parents

7.2 Trends
7.2.1 Shift in Technology towards Online and Satellite Based Classes
7.2.2 Shift towards Private Education
7.2.3 Educational Reforms
7.2.4 Educational Spend increases as the Person’s Capacity to Spend Increases
7.2.5 Economic Recession does not affect the Sector as a Whole.

7.3 Challenges
7.3.1 High Dropout Rate
7.3.2 Public Funding Crunch
7.3.3 High Dependence of the Industry on Branding and Reputation
7.3.4 Frequent Changes in Patterns and Syllabus

8. Competitive Landscape

8.1 Companies’ Comparison
8.1.1 Number of Students Enrolled
8.1.2 Number of Centers
8.1.3 Number of Trained Faculty Members

9. Company Profiles

9.1.1 Business Overview
9.1.2 Financial Overview
9.1.3 Business Strategies

9.2 MT Educare
9.2.1 Business Overview
9.2.2 Financial Overview
9.2.3 Business Strategies

9.3 Career Launcher (CL)
9.3.1 Business Overview
9.3.2 Financial Overview
9.3.3 Business Strategies

9.4 T.I.M.E
9.4.1 Business Overview
9.4.2 Financial Overview
9.4.3 Business Strategies

9.5 Resonance Eduventures Pvt. Ltd
9.5.1 Business Overview
9.5.2 Financial Overview
9.5.3 Business Strategies

9.6 Aakash Educational Services Pvt Ltd
9.6.1 Business Overview
9.6.2 Financial Overview
9.6.3 Business Strategies

10. About Us
Figure 1: Segmentation of the Indian Education System
Figure 2: Segmentation of the Indian Classroom Coaching Industry
Figure 3: Total Education Spend by Various Nations, (In US$ Billions), 2011
Figure 4: Indian Education Industry Segmentation by Category, (In %), 2014
Figure 5: Total Revenue Generated by the Indian Coaching Industry, (In US$ billion), 2010-2014
Figure 6: Forecasted Total Revenue of the Indian Coaching Industry, (In US$ Billions), 2015-2019
Figure 7: Segmentation of the Indian Classroom Coaching Industry, (In %), 2014
Figure 8: Total Revenue Generated by the Indian Entrance Test Preparation Classes Industry, (In US$ Billions), 2010-2014
Figure 9: Forecasted Revenue of the Indian Entrance Test Preparation Classes Industry, (In US$ Billions), 2015-2019
Figure 10: Segmentation of the Indian Entrance Test Preparation Industry, (In %), 2014
Figure 11: Number of Students Taking AIEEE Coaching Classes, 2009-2014
Figure 12: Number of Students Taking IITJEE Coaching, 2009-2014
Figure 13: Number of Students Taking AIPMT Coaching, 2009-2014
Figure 14: Number of Students Taking Coaching for CPT, 2009-2014
Figure 15: Total Revenue Generated by the Private Tuition Industry, (In US$ Billions), 2010-2014
Figure 16: Forecasted Total Revenue of Indian Private Tuitions Industry, (In US$ Billions), 2015-2019
Figure 17: Break-up of the Indian Private Tuition Industry by Classes Students are in, (In %), 2014
Figure 18: Trends in India’s GNI per capita, (In US$), 2010-2013
Figure 19: Urban Population of India, (In Millions), 2011-2014
Figure 20: Segmentation of Indian Population, (In %), 2013
Figure 21: Number of Engineers Produced in India each year, (In Millions), 2009-2013
Figure 22: Net Enrollment Ratio in India, (In %), 2008-2011
Figure 23: Segmentation of Indian Population, (In %), 2013
Figure 24: Percentage of Total Students who Opted Private Unaided Education, (In %), 1996-2012
Table 1: Information about the Key Players, 2014
Figure 25: Number of Students Enrolled in each Coaching Institute, 2014
Figure 26: Total Number of Centers of each Coaching Institute, 2014
Figure 27: Total Number of Trained Faculty Members in each Coaching Institute, 2014
Figure 28: Total Revenue of FITJEE, (In US$ Millions), 2010-2014
Table 2: Services Offered by MT Educare, 2014
Figure 29: Total Revenue of MT Educare, (In US$ Millions), 2010-2014
Figure 30: Number of Students Studying at MT Educare, 2010-2014
Figure 31: Stream-wise Student Split at MT Educare, (In %), 2014
Figure 32: Total Revenue of Career Launcher (India) Ltd, (In US$ Millions), 2010-2014
Figure 33: Total Revenue of Triumphant Institute of Management, (In US$ Billions), 2010-2014
Figure 34: Total Sales of Resonance Eduventures, (In US$ Millions), 2010-2014
Table 3: Key information about Aakash Institute, 2014