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Global Telehealth Market (2016-2020) - Research and Consulting Firm

Global Telehealth Market: Trends and Opportunities (2016-2020)

Publish Date:November 2015
No. of Pages:66

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Scope of the report

The report titled “Global Telehealth Market: Trends and Opportunities (2016-2020)” provides an in-depth analysis of global telehealth market focusing on important market aspects. It also accesses the key opportunities and underlying trends in the market and outlines the factors that are and will be driving the growth of the industry in the forecasted period (2016-20). Further, key telehealth services providers such as Teladoc Inc, MDLIVE Inc andAmerican Well are profiled in the report with their detailed market strategies.

Geographical Coverage

North America (The US)
Europe (The UK)

Company Coverage

Teladoc Inc
American Well

Executive Summary

Telehealthis a broader term which inculcates the use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies to support long-distance clinical health care, patient and professional health-related education, public health etc. Telehealth is a subset of Digital Healthcare. It includes many medical subspecialties, such as Telecardiology, Teledermatology, Teleneurology, Telepathology, Telepsychiatry, Teleradiology, Telesurgery/Remote Surgery and Teletrauma. Specialties such as Telepediatrics and Telepsychiatry are practiced by using live videoconferencing systems.

Globally, telehealth market is divided into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Rest of the World (Middle East & Africa, and Latin America) region.The North American market commands the largest share of the global market, followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific. Asia-Pacific is the fastest-growing region in this market. Detailed analysis with focus on key dynamics of North American and European markets is provided in the report.

The major driving force for this market is the ageing population, rising prevalence of chronic diseases, rising cost of healthcare, etc. Technological innovations and advancements fuel the market growth. Major market constraints are low consumer adoption & utilization of telehealth, limited HER connectivity, reimbursement challenges and various regulatory and legal concerns. Key trends prevailing in the market includes Venture funding in telehealthcompanies, Acquisitions in the industry and improvement of reimbursement landscapeglobally.

1. Executive Summary

2. Market Background

2.1 Digital Health Industry

3. Telehealth

3.1 Evolution of Telehealth
3.2 Major forms of Telehealth

4. Global Telehealth Market Analysis

4.1 Global Telehealth Market Sizing: Actual & Forecasted

4.1.1 Market Size by Value
4.1.2 Market Size by Volume
4.1.3 Market Share by Healthcare Conditions
4.1.4 Market Share by Competitors

5. North America Telehealth Market

5.1 North America Telehealth Market Analysis
5.2 The US Telehealth Market

5.2.1 The US Telehealth Market Analysis
5.2.2The US Telehealth Market Key Dynamics

6. Europe Telehealth Market

6.1 Europe Telehealth Market Regional Analysis
6.2 Europe Telehealth Market Dynamics
6.3 The UK Telehealth Market

6.3.1 Market Sizing Actual & Forecasted
6.3.2 Key Trends in the UK Telehealth Market

7. Global Telehealth Market Trends

7.1 Venture Funding in Telehealth Companies
7.2 Acquisitions in Telehealth Industry
7.3 Improvement of Reimbursement Landscape

8. Global Telehealth Market: Growth Drivers & Challenges

8.1 Growth Drivers

8.1.1 Ageing Population
8.1.2 Rising Prevalence of Chronic Diseases
8.1.3 Technological Advancement

8.2 Challenges

8.2.1 Low Consumer Adoption & Utilization
8.2.2 Limited Electronic Health Record (EHR) Connectivity/Interoperability
8.2.3 Reimbursement challenges
8.2.4 Regulatory and Legal Concerns

9. Competitive Landscape

10. Company Profile

10.1 Teladoc Inc.

10.1.1 Business Overview
10.1.2 Financial Overview
10.1.3 Business Strategies

10.2 American Well

10.2.1 Business Overview
10.2.2 Business Strategies

10.3 MDLIVE Inc.

10.3.1 Business Overview
10.3.2 Business Strategies

Figure 1: Digital Health Industry Sub-sectors
Figure 2: Evolution of Telehealth
Figure 3: Global Teleheath Devices and Services Market Size by Value, 2012-2015E (US$ Million)
Figure 4: Global Teleheath Devices and Services Market Size by Value Forecasted, 2016E-2020E (US$ Billions)
Figure 5: Global Teleheath Devices and Services Market Size by Volume, 2012-2015E (Thousands of Patients)
Figure 6: Global Teleheath Devices and Services Market Size by Volume Forecasted, 2015E-2020E (Millions of Patients)
Figure 7: Total Addressable Market for Current & Potential Telehealth Conditions, 2014E (US$ Billions)
Figure 8: Global Telehealth Visits Share by Competitors (2015E)
Figure 9: North American Telehealth Market Share by Domain (2015E)
Table 1: The US Total Addressable Telehealth Market Sensitivity Analysis
Table 2: The US Telehealth Market: Key Market Drivers, 2012-2020
Table 3: The US Telehealth Market: Key Market Restraints, 2012-2020
Figure 10: European Telehealth Market Revenue by Region, 2012 & 2015E (US$ Million)
Figure 11: European Telecare and Telehealth Market Share by Region (2012)
Table 4: European Telehealth Market: Key Market Drivers, 2012-2020
Table 5: European Telehealth Market: Key Market Restraints, 2012-2020
Figure 12: The UK Telehealth Market Revenue, 2014 & 2020E (US$ Million)
Figure 13: The US Digital Health Venture Capital Funding, 2011-14 (US$ Billions)
Table 6: Funding in Telehealth Companies in the US
Table 7: Teladoc Acquisitions, 2013-15 (US$ Millions)
Table 8: Telehealth Services Reimbursed by Medicaid
Figure 14: Global Ageing (60+) Population, 2015-50E (Millions)
Table 9: Chronic Disease in the US: Current & Projected Burden, 2003-2023 (US$)
Table 10: Comparison of Leading Telehealth Market Companies
Table 11: Telehealth Companies Comparison based on Subsector
Table 12: Pure-Play Telehealth Companies Competitive Landscape
Table 13:Competitive Landscape of Broader Selected Telehealth Companies
Figure 15: Teladoc Inc. Revenue, 2013-17E (US$ Million)