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Global Clear Aligner (Invisible Braces) Market (2013-18) - Business Market Research Reports

Global Clear Aligner (Invisible Braces) Market: Trends & Opportunities (2013-18)

Publish Date:Oct 2013
No. of Pages:50

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The report entitled “Global Clear Aligner (Invisible Braces) Market: Trends & Opportunities (2013-18)” provide an insight into the global dental industry with primary focus on the clear aligner category of orthodontic segment. It covers the market size of dental industry and its market share based on product segment and region. Further, the report focuses on the clear aligner market with detailed analysis of the market size of clear aligners in terms of value as well as volume. It also includes the market share of the same based on major players, volume shipment and geographies. It further captures the market dynamics of clear aligner business in North America, which is one of the largest markets for clear aligner manufacturers. The report also discusses orthodontic patient distribution in North America along with utilization of Invisalign cleaner among the orthodontists and general practitioners of North America.

The report concludes with a brief discussion of major factors driving the clearer aligner market and profiling of the major companies like Align Technology, ClearCorrect, Dentsply and Great Lake Orthodontics in the clear aligner business.

Geographical Coverage

North America

Company Coverage

Align Technology
Great Lake Orthodontics

Executive Summary

Increasing consumer awareness for oral health, rising per capita income and expanding urban population are all factors which influence the dynamics of global dental industry. The market is primarily bifurcated into two segments: dental consumables and dental equipment. Dental consumables, which represent the largest segment of the dental care industry, include crown/bridge, implant, orthodontics, impressive materials, composites, endodontics, adhesives and cement. The dental equipment segment is composed of large equipments like autoclaves, sterilizers, chairs, communication systems, compressors, cuspidors and digital imaging system. Small equipment, including amalgam removal system, amalgamators, handpiece cleaner, lab equipments, duplicators and ultrasonic cleaners, also fall into the same product segment.

Clear aligner technology is one of the fastest growing segments of the orthodontic market. Treatment through this technology is a clear way to straighten teeth without braces using aligners which offer high level of comfort, convenience and flexibility in comparison to traditional braces. Further, these aligners are cost effective and take less time to complete the straightening procedure. Currently, the market is dominated by Align Technology, among other leading companies following it closely. Continuous innovation in technology and increasing awareness for oral health among individuals are certain to influence the demand for clear aligner procedures at an exponential rate in the near future.

Tags :

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction to Dental Industry

2.1. Global Dental Market: An Analysis
2.2. Global Dental Market: Market Share Analysis

2.2.1. Market Share by Segment
2.2.2. Market Share by Region
2.2.3. Market Share by Product Segment

3. Global Clear Aligner Market: An Analysis

3.1. Clear Aligner Market: An Overview
3.2. Clear Aligner Vs Braces
3.3. Global Clear Aligner Market: Sizing and Growth

3.2.1. Global Clear Aligner Market: Sizing By Value
3.2.2. Global Clear Aligner Market: Sizing By volume

3.3. Global Clear Aligner Market: Market Share Analysis

3.3.1. Market Share by Revenue of major Players
3.3.2. Market Share by Shipment of Cases by Major Players
3.3.3. Market Share by Major Geographies

4. North America: Clear Aligner Market

4.1. Overview of Dental Malocclusion
4.2. North America Orthodontic Patient Distribution
4.3. Customer Mix/Utilization
4.4. North America: Invisalign Utilization Rates
4.5. United States Orthodontic market Share: By Segment
4.6. United States Orthodontic market- Clear Aligner Market Share

5. Growth Drivers of Clear Aligner Market

6. Company Analysis

6.1. Align Technology

6.1.1. Business Description
6.1.2. Revenue and Market Share Analysis
6.1.3. Business Strategies

6.2. ClearCorrect

6.2.1. Business Description
6.2.2. Business Strategies

6.3. Great Lakes Orthodontics

6.3.1. Business Description
6.3.2. Business Strategies

6.4. Dentsply

6.4.1. Business Description
6.4.2. Market Share by Segment
6.4.3. Business Strategy
Figure 1: Types of Dental treatment
Figure 2: Orthodontic Market Revenue Share, By Major Players (2012)
Figure 3: Dental Market Segmentation
Figure 4: Global Dental Market Size, 2009-2015E (US$ Billion)
Figure 5: Global Dental Market Share, By Segment, 2011
Figure 6: Global Dental Market Share, By Region, 2011
Figure 7: Global Dental Consumables Market - Segment by Products, 2011
Figure 8: Global Clear Aligner Market Size, By Value, 2007-12 (US$ Million)
Figure 9: Global Clear Aligner Market Size, By Value, 2013-18 (US$ Million)
Figure 10: Global Shipment of Clear Aligners, 2007-12 (000 Cases)
Figure 11: Global Shipment of Clear Aligners, Forecast, 2013-18 (000 Cases)
Figure 12: Global Clear Aligner Revenue Market Share, By Major Players, By Revenue, 2012
Figure 13: Global Clear Aligner Shipment Market Share, By Major Players, By Cases, 2012
Figure 14: Global Clear Aligner Revenue Market Share, By Major Regions, 2012
Figure 15: North America Orthodontic Patient Distribution
Figure 16: Align Technology Case Starts by Channel in North America, 2009-13
Figure 17: Invisalign Utilization Rate in North America, 2009-2015F
Figure 18: United States Orthodontic Manufacturer Market Share, 2012
Figure 19: Clear Aligner Market Share in United States Orthodontic Market, 2007-15E
Figure 20: Global GDP per Capita, 2008-12 (US$)
Figure 21: Invisalign Net Revenue, 2008-12 (US$ Million)
Figure 22: Align Technology Market Share, By Products, 2012
Figure 23: Dentsply Market Share, By Segment, 2012
Table 1: Classes of Dental Malocclusion