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Global Spinal Cord Stimulation Market (2014-19) - Research and Consulting Firm

Global Acne Treatment Market: Trends and Opportunities (2014-2019)

Publish Date:January 2015
No. of Pages:65

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Scope of the report

The report titled “Global Acne Treatment Market: Trends and Opportunities (2014-2019)” provides an insight into the acne market with focus on global prescription drugs. The report assesses the market sizing and growth of the global acne market, the growth of acne market in various regions and the growth and composition of oral and topical acne drugs. The report further analyzes the major prescription drugs for the treatment of acne. The report also discusses key factors driving growth of the industry, major trends and challenges faced by manufacturers of acne drugs. Further, key players like Foamix Pharmaceuticals, Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Dermira and Actavis Plc are analyzed in the report.

Product Coverage

Anti-Acne Drugs

Regional Coverage

United States
Asia Pacific

Company Coverage

Foamix Pharmaceuticals HELLA
Valeant Pharmaceuticals
Actavis Plc

Executive Summary

The global acne market represents a small fraction of total dermatology market and both over the counter drugs and prescription drugs are used to treat acne. The acne market is primarily genericised and is moderately served by the currently marketed major prescribed drugs including SOLODYN, DORYX, and EPIDUO. The US market is the largest market for the global acne products with about 50 million suffering from acne in the country.

Globally, acne market is of very small size but holds immense potential driven mostly by growing income of individuals, rising health expenditures, increased fast food consumption and increased spending on drugs from various emerging economies. The acne market is also characterized by immense research and development opportunities. New laser treatment for acne, technology driven products are the key trends of the acne industry. However, with immense growth opportunities, the global acne market faces the challenges in terms of high prices of drugs, regulatory issues, increased competition from new drugs and lastly the adverse effects of drugs.

Tags :

1. Executive Summary

2. Acne Treatment Market: An Overview

2.1 Introduction

2.1.1 Causes for Acne Vulgaris

2.2 Types of Acne
2.3 Acne Treatment

2.3.1 Product Classes Used to Treat Acne
2.3.2 Prescription Drugs or Retinoid

3. Global Acne Treatment Market: An Analysis

3.1 Global Acne Market: Size and Growth (Actual and Forecasted)
3.2 Global Acne Market Split

4. Acne Treatment Market: Product Analysis

4.1 Global Prescription Drugs

4.1.1 SOLODYNTM (Minocycline Hydrochloride)
4.1.2 DORYX (Doxycycline Heclate)
4.1.3 EPIDUO (ADAPALENE .1%, Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%)
4.1.5 ACZONE

4.2 Over the Counter Products (OTC)
4.3 Dermatology Market

5. Acne Treatment Market: Regional Analysis

5.1 United States
5.2 European Union
5.3 Asia Pacific
5.4 Japan

6. Acne Treatment Market Dynamics

6.1 Growth Drivers

6.1.1 Rising Household Income
6.1.2 Rising Healthcare Expenditures
6.1.3 Rising Fast Food Industry
6.1.4 Patent Expiry
6.1.5 Rising Spending from Emerging Economies

6.2 Market Trends

6.2.1 Increased Focus on Combination Therapies
6.2.2 New laser Treatment for Acne
6.2.3 Technology‐Driven Products
6.2.4 Safety Concerns on Current Drugs
6.2.5 Efficacy Concerns on Current Drugs

6.3 Market Challenges

6.3.1 Adverse Effects of Drugs
6.3.2 High Cost of Acne Drugs
6.3.3 Regulatory Issues
6.3.4 Increased Competition

7. Competitive Landscape: Acne Treatment Market

8. Company Analysis: Acne Treatment Market

8.1 Foamix Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

8.1.1 Business Description
8.1.2 Financial Overview
8.1.3 Business Strategies

8.2 Valeant Pharmaceuticals

8.2.1 Business Description
8.2.2 Financial Overview
8.2.3 Business Strategies

8.3 Dermira

8.3.1 Business Description
8.3.2 Financial Overview
8.3.3 Business Strategies

8.4 Actavis Plc

8.4.1 Business Description
8.4.2 Financial Overview
8.4.3 Business Strategies

Figure 1: Acne Treatment Paradigm
Figure 2: Global Acne Market Size, (In US$ Billions), 2009-2013
Figure 3: Global Acne Market Size - Forecast (In US$ Billions), 2014-2019
Figure 4: Penetration of Total U.S. Minocycline Market v/s SOLODYN, 2012-2019
Figure 5: SOLODYN Worldwide Sales, (In US$ Millions), 2010-2011
Figure 6: DORYX Worldwide Sales, (In US$ Millions), 2010-2011
Figure 7: DORYX US Market Share (In percent), (Jan 2014- April 2014)
Figure 8: EPIDUO Worldwide Sales, (In US$ Millions), 2010-2011
Figure 9: Preferred Topical Therapy
Figure 10: ABSORICA Growing Market Penetration in the US, Nov-12-Nov-14
Figure 11: ACZONE Worldwide Sales (In US$ Millions), 2010-2011
Figure 12: Global Dermatology Market Size, (In US$ Billion), 2009-2014E
Figure 13: Segmentation of the U.S. Acne Market
Figure 14: US Oral Prescription Drugs Split for Acne Drugs – Reimbursement by Payor Type, 2013
Figure 15: US Branded Topical Prescription Drugs Split for Acne Drugs – Reimbursement by Payor Type, 2013
Figure 16: US Market Share of Oral Brands – Anti-Acne Market
Figure 17: US Market Share of Topical Brands – Anti-Acne Market
Figure 18: Acne Treatment with Self-medication in Europe's Main Markets
Figure 19: Anti-Acne Market in Asia Pacific (In US$ Millions), 2009-2013
Figure 20: Anti-Acne Market in Asia Pacific (In US$ Millions) – Forecast: 2014 -2019
Figure 21: OTC Acne Treatment Product Sales in Japan, (In US$ Million), 2009-2013
Figure 22: Forecasted number of high-income households (In Millions), 2013-2019
Figure 23: Global Healthcare Expenditures per Capita, (In US$ Millions), 2007-2013
Figure 24: Fast Food Industry Growth by Value (in US$ Billion), 2013-2019
Figure 25: Annual Spend on Medicines in Emerging Economies V/S Developed
Figure 26: Forecasted FMX101 U.S. Acne Sales, (In US$ Million), 2017-2019
Figure 27: Sales Contribution of Dermatological Subclasses to Valeant
Figure 28: Revenue of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, (in US$ Billions), 2009-2013
Figure 29: Expected Revenue of Dermira (In US$ Millions), 2015-2019
Figure 30: Actavis Net Revenue, (In US$ Millions), 2010 - 2013
Figure 31: DORYX TRx (In 1000 TRx) (Jan 2012- Dec 2013)

Table 1: Types of Acnes based on Severity
Table 2: Common OTC Products for Acne Treatment
Table 3: Acne Prevalence by Age and Gender in US 
Table 4: Acne Treatment - Drugs Patent Expiry Dates 
Table 5: Acne Treatment - Prescription Drugs comparison
Table 6: Foamix Acne Product versus Valeant Acne Product
Table 7: Valeant 2014 expected launches in Dermatology/ Aesthetics
Table 8: Important Dermira Product Categories
Table 9: Analysis of Dermira’s DRM01 for Acne
Table 10: Dermira’s Valuation Compared to Other Early Stage Company
Table 11: Actavis Specialty Brands Research and Development